Personal Self-Development vs Magical Growth

Personal Self-Development vs Magical Growth

Personal or magical development? Magical and personal development of consciousness. Magical Essence.

“What is the difference between the concepts of magical development of consciousness and personal growth and development?”

The magical development of consciousness and personal development of consciousness are aimed at the development of two different things.

The magical essence, the magical consciousness, is the basis, the very core of consciousness; it is the “I Am.” Personality is a structure we use to communicate with society; it is, so to say, a superstructure over the “I am”, it is our subtle bodies configured to fit society and designed to exist in a certain configuration, using certain masks, in order for us to somehow communicate with this society in a more or less human or normal ways, to be able to understand each other. 

The magical essence doesn’t require such adaptation to the environment. Therefore, when we say that we develop our personality, we develop multiple masks and make them flexible to be able to communicate with any egregorial environment, any caste, any class, any human or non-human beings, people of any age or any gender, with anyone. Communicate in order to interact, establish social contacts, receive certain experiences, and so on.

When we talk about the magical development of consciousness, we are talking about the development of our inner essence. And there can be no flexibility. It’s a monolithic structure, which must become more monolithic in the process of development. Therefore, on the one hand, we develop flexibility, which is related to our personality, and on the other hand, we develop rigidity, which is related to our magical essence. That is the difference. 

When we develop internal rigidity, different tricks and deceits are unacceptable because we do everything genuinely. While rigidity is unacceptable in the case of personal development since there is nothing but deceit, and everything is untrue. This is rather a form of a game model where we can freely change characters, working out certain algorithms. But sooner or later, these algorithms will be adopted by the magical essence, which will simply absorb and assimilate this experience.

And this experience will make consciousness even more rigid, imprinting into the informational structure: “I know this, I went through this, I have this experience, I can do this, and this makes me stronger.” Whereas mechanisms of interaction have to do with personality.

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