Assemblage Point Discussion

Assemblage Point Discussion

Magic reasoning: a free shifting feature of the Assemblage Point and the ability to control it by the means of your willpower. Sensitivity as a magical tool.


“Some time ago, I studied the subject of the Assemblage Point taught by Boris Monosov. He describes a certain instance when the Assemblage Point is raised to a level that is above the normal level present in a person by nature and it leads to an increase in sensitivity, second sight, etc. Meaning that it amplifies his sensory perception but, in turn, lowers his immunity since, on higher planes, this immunity must be earned. And therefore, the Assemblage Point needs to be constantly lowered via food, physical exercise, and so on. Could you please clarify this information?”


Try to pause yourself when you get to the question of choice. Right now, it is formulated before you according to the rule of “this or that.” Such as – either you are developing your consciousness and losing your immunity, or you are prioritizing your immunity and saying goodbye to your consciousness. Magic reasoning would view it according to the algorithm of “and/and”, meaning, this as well as the other. It’s just that additional instruments are needed. What sort of instruments?

A free shifting feature of the Assemblage Point and the ability to control it by the means of your willpower. 


The elevation of the Assemblage Point implies that your informational power – the power of your consciousness – becomes many times higher, significantly higher. The magic law tells us that where there is attention, there is energy.

That is, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the same magic law tells us that the quantity of information implies adequate energy consumption. Meaning that the more information there is in your consciousness, that is, the higher your Assemblage Point, the more energy you are able to collect from the surrounding environment as well as from your own self.

The power of reason, in that instance, becomes really vast. It gets vast to the point that all physiological systems get out of balance. Because such volume of energy forces the biological processes to mutate and transform, thereby bringing them out of balance; which causes great stress precisely to one’s biology.

This is why so many practitioners have noticed that with an increase in their practices, with the increase in their force, the natural immunity undergoes not really a disruption, no, but rather stops resembling the usual state of well-being. The consciousness truly becomes hypersensitive.

And if before, a virus would fly by you without you even noticing – meaning that your body would chew it up somehow and you wouldn’t even feel it – then now, your hypersensitivity will not have it go unnoticed. Because magical consciousness possesses a greater attention capability and it is required to notice everything. Because everything, even the most inconspicuous event, even the most common virus, can contain information that is of use to a magical consciousness; necessary, non-redundant information.

For an average human consciousness, such information might be useless and needs to be pushed aside. But for a magical consciousness, there is nothing that is unnecessary. Everything is useful, and everything can come in handy. 

Therefore, you should not let any of the aspects of the informational space and its energetic filling escape your attention. Sensitivity, as the instrument of a mage, would respectively detect that virus. Your consciousness is showing you: “Look and observe what is happening to you, observe what it looks like, how it affects your body, your reasoning. How it affects your desires. Look. All of this has a meaning.” 

Any change that our organism goes through, it is here to teach us something, not just to our body, but also to our mind.

You get heightened sensitivity, you get additional sight quality, meaning that you experience the opening of additional sensory channels, and it’s not because you lost something but on the contrary. 

This can be scary since it is a way to screen a person. But people who understand what is happening have a slightly different reaction to these effects.

What concerns the shifting of the Assemblage Point, it is a common mechanism when the amount of energy and information is off the charts. Practitioners very often turn to this method. It is heavy food and alcohol, which actually do a great job in nailing the assemblage Point to the level of the second chakra, and if you happen to keep it there for some time, you will also notice your sensitivity go down as well. Although, the flip side of the coin is that along with hypersensitivity, your intellect is lowered as well. Although, that is also a matter of habit. Because your consciousness eventually gets used to a high-frequency channel of energy and information, such a preventative lowering of the Assemblage Point becomes less and less needed.


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