Why Do People Want To Be Old

Why Do People Want To Be Old?

Why do people want to be old? Is it fear of their own old age or dependence on the opinion of others, on traditional opinion?

“Sometimes, I come across situations when people, taking into account their passport age, consider themselves and others as old. It really irritates me. 

Just yesterday, when I called a fifty-year-old man quite young, my relative started laughing, so I had to call her an old lady simply because she is already fifty-five years of age, which she agreed with while pointing at her two grown-up children. What adjustment would you recommend that I make from a magic point of view in order to stop getting so irritated? I would like to stay neutral, but I’m not able to do that yet. Why do people want to consider themselves old?”

Try to formulate your question differently. Why does it irritate you? There are two reasons.

The reasons are within yourself. You are afraid of getting old; that’s reason number one.

The second is that you depend on your environment, which implies the tradition you are a part of. If it is written that “an elderly thirty-year-old woman entered the room,” just like it was during Pushkin’s time, then it means that this woman is already old at thirty, and nothing can be done about it since everyone sees her that way.

The way the others see her is the way she becomes; that’s the second issue –  the dependence on external opinion. You felt it through, and you are trying to change the surrounding environment, assuming that if they start thinking that at fifty years of age, life is just beginning, then that’s the way it will be. The issue lies in the dependency on a traditional opinion, dependency on a tradition. These two problems are the ones you should resolve. The fear of your own old age and the dependency on someone else’s opinion.

Every person identifies himself based on his inner beliefs, internal complexes, and all other sorts of inner conglomerates, which are very individual for everyone. Everybody wants to spread his personal opinion to as many people as possible. In this case, we would call it passing on the tradition.

And if I was able to pass my own traditional worldview onto the outside reality, that must probably mean that I am worth something. That’s what our minds tell us. That’s why a person tries, especially one of the Phoebus channel, to reach out to everyone he can and spread his own worldview.

You are aware of that, either consciously or subconsciously, and are extremely scared of it. You are afraid that you will catch someone else’s worldview of this kind, and you will have to believe that a fifty-year-old woman and a fifty-five-year-old man are old. You are surrounded by people who think exactly this way.

You don’t want to be like that. Get rid of this problem that may force you to agree with them. You are afraid of the circumstances which may compel you to agree with it and, as a consequence, make you believe it. For many people, perceiving themselves as old is a salvation and an excuse not to try anymore; for some – it is an explanation of their physiological problems; for others – it is the ability to feel important in the eyes of the bystanders.

Everyone has their own motive. They simply explain it in their own way. But this explanation has nothing to do with you. And if you are ready not to believe in it, it won’t affect you. But you are afraid that you are ready. That’s the issue. Work on it. 

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