The Question Of Mixed Blood

The Question Of Mixed Blood

How does the mixing of races, different bloods affect the biology and genetics of a bloodline? How to activate the awakening of ancestral power and memory?

“Is it true that racial mixing brings about a degeneration of the bloodline a few generations after? There is a common belief that racial mixing, on the contrary, strengthens the quality of the bloodline. If my children’s paternal great-grandfather was of Asian descent, could this be neutralized in some way? Is it safe to mix with different nationalities of the same race, for example, Europeans?”

Don’t confuse the effects. When the mixing of blood occurs, it has a beneficial effect on biology; it increases vitality and animalistic nature. Because when we produce progeny of the same tribe and the same blood, our genetics become weaker. It is precisely the effect of when your mom and dad’s cells don’t need to struggle for dominance. When mom and dad are practically from the same family, why should their genes fight one another? They compare their genes and say, “well, all in all, we’re a family, why should we fight with relatives?” And so, such conflict doesn’t arise. When there is no conflict, the soul is born very weak. It doesn’t know what conflict is and, therefore, turns out to be completely unadapted to life. This is how dynasties degenerate. That is why it was customary to introduce a new bloodline to a dynasty once in a few generations. A new bloodline awakens biological passionarity but always at the expense of something else, namely at the expense of bloodline memory.

Here, we have a so-called double-edged sword. We awaken our nature and biological vitality but lose certain magical and possibly caste-based functionality. It takes a while for a bloodline to become stable, to mix with other, more noble lines until the memory awakens again.

And if we look at all European dynasties, we will see that is just what happened to them. Those who preserved the memory degenerated biologically; those who considered it necessary and mixed their blood with other lines lost their rights but survived.

As for the question of introducing another race, here it is clear that the race that is stronger will be dominant. It’s easier for the Slavs in this regard. Because the same Mongols and Tatars that were running back and forth all over Rus, they did leave drops of their blood in Slavs. So we have such a mixture of different bloods that we are doing well in terms of our biological vitality but not so well in terms of our memory. We’ve only just begun to somehow restore the bloodline memory since our traditions just began to recover, namely the tradition of preserving blood’s integrity.

So here, just keep in mind that your bloodline memory was put on hold. But you can call on the spirits of the kin, call on the guardians, and ask them to support the awakening of your bloodline power and memory. If not for one of the descendants, then for another. To somehow allocate an ancestral gift among all relatives.

Explain somehow to your ancestors the nature of our epoch, where their algorithms no longer work and should be corrected at their core. This algorithm of waiting until the bloodline memory awakens within the generation takes a long time. We’re now living at such a speed of life that we cannot wait any longer.

Bring offerings to the ancestors, perform rites, go to your ancestral lands, interact with the spirit of the place, and convince him somehow to change the algorithm. It should work now since even the ancestors themselves understand that the algorithms need a correction; otherwise, we simply won’t survive. We cannot live without memory, without magic, especially now during the shifting of epochs.


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