Knowledge in the Menshikova School

Knowledge in the Menshikova School

The Menshikova School. Knowledge.

Our school works within the system of the Norse gods. The principle of  acquisition of knowledge is: work and prove. It is necessary to prove everything, nothing is free. And it is better to prove yourself thrice. Think, work, there will be no free rides;  follow the rules,  follow the hierarchy, follow the main principles. It is possible that you will not stay in our school, you understand that we are not the only teachers around. Tomorrow you might need a different kind of knowledge that another teacher  may be able to give you. So would this mean that you wouldn’t be able to learn from another teacher?

Knowledge cannot be limited by the capabilities of the teacher – this is nonsense. If you realize that your teacher is not giving you what you need, then you have to say “goodbye” and move on to another teacher. But if you are attached to a particular teacher, if you are holding on to them tightly, then you will not receive more knowledge than they are able to give you.

In our school, knowledge is given according to the rules dictated by the Norse gods. If knowledge is needed – it will be provided, but the person is expected to work for it. “Only under these conditions” — the Norse gods tell us. This is not Yahweh, who gives it out for free just as he pleases. Just because he selected a certain someone and  designated them as the chosen one. Well, this is his judaic algorithm, but not  ours.

A warrior must work daily, take geases, thereby proving his worth. We never lie to you, but being attached to a particular method of receiving information may eventually begin to feel insufficient to you, and you will want a different kind of information. Therefore, an attachment to a teacher or  a school is really not worth it. You have the right to choose.

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About the Menshikova School

The school was created for people who are searching for sacred knowledge, for those who want to go beyond the limits of everyday life.  For people who think and discover, who want to reveal their potential.

The School reveals knowledge about the magical interaction of the elemental forces, about the ancient magic of the runes, about the Tarot system. And all this is intended for the transformation of consciousness and the formation of a magical outlook.

Ksenia Evgenievna Menshikova is the founder and head of the School, the author of books on the development of magical abilities, such as:

“The Art Of Controlling Reality”

“Runes Reveal The Mysteries Of The World”

“The Power Of Bloodline. Woman’s Mystery”

The Subconscious is Omnipotent”

“Controlling The Energy Of Your Thought”

“The Power of the Elements”

“Karma – The Law Of Cause And Effect”

“Egregores And The System Of Controlling Reality”, and many others.

Purpose and objectives of the School

 is to pass on methods and techniques to students in order to reveal their magical and occult abilities, including all the skills that relate to their hidden potential within. The school offers 5 departments in different disciplines. The objective of each department is to reveal and develop magical abilities, based on each person’s individual characteristics.

At present, the School has the following active departments: