Karma – the Law of Cause and Effect

Textbook to the 4th course (Causal body) of the Main Department of the Menshikova School.

Explore the depths of human consciousness with “Karma – the Law of Cause and Effect,” the textbook for the 4th course of the Main Department. Delving into the intricacies of the Superconsciousness, this book ventures into uncharted territory that was once the exclusive domain of religion.

For those who refuse to accept dogma and seek knowledge beyond the confines of traditional beliefs, this book offers a compelling journey of exploration.

Within its pages, we unravel the enigmatic concepts of fate and karma:

  • Does fate truly govern our lives, or do we possess the power to shape our destinies?
  • What role does karma play in the unfolding of our existence, and how does providence manifest itself in our lives?
  • Is it futile to resist the forces of fate and karma, or do we hold the key to transcendence and transformation?

Through insightful inquiry and introspection, we embark on a quest for understanding and enlightenment. “Karma – the Law of Cause and Effect” is a beacon of wisdom for those who dare to challenge conventional wisdom and seek truth in the mysteries of existence.

The book will be available soon. Stay tuned!