What is the tradition that the Menshikova School is based in

What is the tradition that the Menshikova School is based in?

The foundation of the Menshikova School has to do with Old Pagan traditions. Tarot is studied  as a mathematical system of reality building…

The basis of the tradition of the Menshikova School

“Watching your videos on social media, I am very interested to know what tradition your school is based in. Do you teach the laws of nature, natural magic in the Old Pagan tradition, or do your teachings include the practice of witchcraft similar to Eliphas Levi’s theory of magic?  Which approach do you take to studying Tarot? Is it only the study of the combination of Tarot cards or only intuitive reading and understanding of cards’ meaning? Are salt crystals or something else used in the practice of Tarot?”

All of the things you listed above are not used in our study of Tarot. We study Tarot as a mathematical system of reality building, and we consider it as a mathematical model. It is from this point of view that we study and learn to use it.

As for the school itself, it has to do with the Old Pagan traditions of reverence for nature and is by no means a semi-Judeic order connected with the name of respected, but at the same time chained in a case of necessity, practitioners such as Eliphas Levi, Papus and others, whom we certainly also study in the General Theory of Magic course but we do not follow their advice, because every knowledge has its time.

Back then was their time, and now is our time. We are working on recreating and rethinking the Old Pagan  traditions in order to live with them a little differently than we did long ago before Christianity, and to become those who will never again betray their own gods and people who follow us, building our reality according to the algorithms of our nature, not the alien teachings of the Arabian desert.

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