From what age is it possible to start education at the Menshikova School

From what age is it possible to start education at the Menshikova School?

Education at the Menshikova School

From what age is it possible to use school techniques for changing one’s consciousness? 

We are often asked the question: “From what age is it possible to use school techniques for changing one’s consciousness? Is there an optimal age in order to obtain the best effect? Or does it all depend on the person’s intent and working capacity?”

A well-defined question contains part of the answer. We are talking about changing one’s own consciousness. “Change” is the keyword here. If we change something, we have something to change. And this means that we are talking about the period when consciousness was already formed. At what age is the consciousness being formed? Well, this age is different for everyone.

Consciousness consists of three levels – the subconsciousness, the social consciousness, and the supra-consciousness. Logic suggests that all three levels must be filled in some way.

The subconsciousness is formed quite sprightly and quickly during childhood. The social consciousness (the mental body) with all skills and its three layers, is formed during the socialization period. It is only then that the supra-consciousness begins to form. It must also manifest itself one way or another because if there is no superconsciousness, we are talking not about changing but about forced programming of the consciousness. This is already directive programming of the consciousness, to which neither you nor I have the right.

So we are talking about the period of life when a person has already formed certain causal settings (the experience), as well as buddhic settings (the formed values). They could be right or wrong, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. They are already there. And, of course, a person does know what creative impulses are. 

When a person starts wanting something  different from what exists in this world, and when all these factors manifest themselves, that’s when we can say that it is possible to work methodically with our consciousness. And begin to learn magical practices.

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Where to start education at the Menshikova School?


About the Menshikova School

The school was created for people who are searching for sacred knowledge, for those who want to go beyond the limits of everyday life.  For people who think and discover, who want to reveal their potential.

The School reveals knowledge about the magical interaction of the elemental forces, about the ancient magic of the runes, about the Tarot system. And all this is intended for the transformation of consciousness and the formation of a magical outlook.

Ksenia Evgenievna Menshikova is the founder and head of the School, author of books on the development of magical abilities, such as:

Purpose and objectives of the School

It is to pass on methods and techniques to students in order to reveal their magical and occult abilities, including all the skills that relate to their hidden potential within. The school offers 5 departments in different disciplines. The objective of each department is to reveal and develop magical abilities, based on each person’s individual characteristics. 

At present, the School has the following active departments: