How To Choose A Ritual Of Connection With Your Ancestors

How To Choose A Ritual Of Connection With Your Ancestors?

A ritual for connecting with ancestors. Intuition as a tool for gaining knowledge on the magical path.

A ritual for connecting with ancestors

“I would like to establish a connection with those ancestors whose programs are now influencing my life and ask them to share their algorithms with me so that I can obtain the rights I need. This is where the question about the tools arises. There is a lot of information on the internet about rituals of invocation via the Christian egregore or through the use of Indian mantras. They write about boiled rice that should be brought to the cemetery while chanting prayers. When I hear about such rituals, I feel an internal resentment and even fear. Currently, I don’t go to church, but I was baptized as a child. What other alternative, and maybe even safer, methods are there to establish such a connection?”

First, the safest alternative, as well as an effective method, is not to get distracted by traditions that have nothing to do with you.

For instance, feeding the ancestors with rice for the whole year is associated with the Eastern tradition, not ours. The Hinduists and Chinese do that, meaning that everything originally came from that direction. If you are not related to any of them by blood, then these methods won’t be right for you; you won’t hear any response from your ancestors because they don’t truly understand which ritual you are currently performing. Your ancestors, most likely, if they used to inhabit Eurasian and European territories up to the Ural, probably were of a Christian faith. Perhaps they were buried at Christian cemeteries, and they possibly might as well have been truly devoted Christians.

If you want to establish a connection with your ancestor of the Christian or, for example, Islamic faith, then in this case, of course, Christian rites will be more effective and beneficial to you. But if you want to reach much older ancestors who used to live and form the winning algorithms in the BC epoch, then, of course, you should take a look at the gods they used to interact with. It is enough to know their place of residence. 

The gods are attached to the place, and so are the people. And through this place, like through the maternal womb, through her consciousness, they would communicate. If you know that, then digging out the historical information about which gods they worshiped on the specific territory will be much easier for you.

If you don’t possess such information, then meditative practices will greatly benefit you. Immerse as deep as needed. You need to rely on your intuition, which never lets down those who seek and follow the magical path. Intuition is something that is practiced, and it reveals itself, first of all, as the most important and, perhaps, until a certain moment, the only tool for gaining knowledge. When you simply can feel, mine – not mine, need it – don’t need it, right – wrong, fits – doesn’t fit. Then signs will appear, which you will have to interpret. 

The ancestral algorithms that affect you are not only the winning ones but also algorithms of defeat. Because we don’t always win, sometimes we lose, and this also gets recorded within the matrix of the kin since good kin tries to remember everything, including the algorithms of unsuccessful outcomes, in order to pass this heritage along to their offspring, including the ineffective algorithms, so that they don’t waste their time on trying to achieve a result which is destined to failure within, for example, this bloodline, in this kin. You should know your ancestral tree very well.

In our School, there is a seminar called “The Power of the Bloodline,” where we approach this issue from both sides, with our mind on one side, and our intuition on the other. If you put all this together, the effectiveness you strive for, it may become your final result, the one you’re looking for.

Don’t trust just anyone, don’t do that. There are rites that work and those that don’t. There are rites that work for you and don’t work for someone else. You must learn to understand whether the ritual is right for you or not prior to initiating it.

Use simple logic: if it is an Eastern ritual and no Eastern blood is running through your veins, why should you use it? It won’t establish any connection with your ancestors; it won’t nourish them or let them get any circulating energy because other forces support this type of belief system; it is a different tradition.

Every nation has its vision of hell and paradise, formed within its cultural tradition. This cultural tradition is written within our DNA, and you should pull it out of there.


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