Is atheism a religion

Is atheism a religion? What is the religion of the future?

“Is atheism a religion? If yes, what are the names of the gods of atheism? If not, to which of the Egregores do they belong?”

Atheism is a very interesting construct, it is the denial of all gods as systemically important Forces. The atheist believes that the human mind is the only system-forming Force. Therefore, atheism, if we can call it a religion, is the religion of the God-man, when a man himself becomes a god without relying on the experience of any other deity, treating gods as a historical phenomenon. If we talk about the egregorial layer, it is most likely to be the layer of professional egregorial systems. 

Most likely we will come to this. Where the concept of god and man will merge into a single construction. Simply speaking, atheism as a denial of gods, has not proved itself well. Because it’s a limited view of self. When a person denies the god in himself – he denies connection to his god. If a person connects with his god, then atheism takes on a slightly different form for him. It is not a denial of gods, it is a denial of the unification of god for everyone and everything. And the term for this probably hasn’t been created yet, but it will be very soon. 

A total denial of gods is akin to a stillborn child. We need more, we need to feel god in ourselves and not impose it on the surrounding space as the only possible deity. Otherwise, it will be called Schizophrenia. You know your god, he knows you and that’s enough, and the rest according to your deeds, according to the results of your synergy, your unity.

He will give the results and these results will be a projection of both of you. People have to come to it with their mind and they will come to it for sure. Maybe not the present generation, but the next one. Because it is natural, there is nothing unnecessary in it, there is nothing false, or vicious, because it is the truth. Falsehood begins when I tell my neighbor that my god is cooler, you forget your own god and accept mine. That’s the kind of thing that shouldn’t happen.

When respect for the god of your fellow man, your neighbor, your friend, your relative, is the same as respect for your god – these are interdependent things. This is the same motto that we analyze in the General Theory of Magic and runes – the motto of future reality: “I am not a god if you are not a god”. That is, if I do not recognize a god in my friend and do not see their connection, I give him all the rights not to recognise a god in me and do not see what our connection is

To impose one’s own vision of what their connection should be in accordance with  mine is a crime of being what someone is not. Sooner or later, we will come to a system of humanism where careful handling of other people’s contact will ensure that your contact with your Force will be stronger. But if you show incorrectness, violence, wrong views, or try to instill your understanding of how things should be, you will instantly be shown that your contact with your Force has suddenly become thinner, until it’s gone.

In order to form such an anti-atheistic system, you have to work very hard on yourself and know a lot. Know the mythology, history, and what we should do to make sure that we never allow this to happen again. To teach it to our children, to teach it to their children, and to make it as natural as life itself.

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