Receiving Hints In Dreams From Deceased People

Receiving Hints In Dreams From Deceased People

Hints in dreams from deceased people. The ability to communicate with the world of the dead. The cast of the consciousness of the deceased exists in the Astral realm.

Receiving hints in dreams from deceased people.

I often dream about people who passed on to the next world. I ask them questions, sometimes they answer, sometimes they just run away from me and my questions. In my last dream, I saw a woman who passed away 20 years ago. She told me that there is no COVID, that all this is a deception, and that she wants to tell everyone about this, but she is not allowed. This is roughly how that conversation went. My question is, is this actual communication or a case of necrotic attachment? I have no fear after and during sleep.”

It’s not, by any means, a necrotic attachment, it’s your gift. I can’t say that it’s very rare, but it’s a very valuable gift – the ability to communicate with the world of the dead in a way that doesn’t depress or overwhelm you.

The cast of the consciousness of the deceased exists in the Astral realm. It is an open space, and, as a rule, a person can go there in his dreams, but only to the extent that’s allowed to him or that he allows himself.

Sometimes, a person’s consciousness has the ability to go into the Astral realm beyond that point or beyond any limits at all. And those who live there, the casts of people who have already passed away, informational packets, or just some entities who can take on a familiar appearance, can use you to pass certain information that you can perceive. And that’s exactly what they do.

Sometimes, when we see dead people in our dreams, it doesn’t mean that we actually see those very people. This could mean that we see just an image of them, and this image may be a mask for a certain force. Sometimes, this force is harmful, and it does bring harm. We can tell this when we wake up in the morning feeling sick or exhausted after such contact. This indicates that some harm has been done, energy has been sucked out, or an energy breakdown has occurred.

The Astral realm is like a busy highway in a city where there are ordinary people, and there are pickpockets, robbers, thieves, murderers, and vampires of all kinds. Sometimes, there are those who must necessarily pass on some specific information, be it to a specific person or not, but they need to pass that information. There are those consciousnesses that love people.

Contactees and, for example, practitioners of channeling sometimes refer to them as light forces. They show goodwill to humans and seem to want to help. Meaning they are not interested in the total destruction of the human species because usually, wherever you look, everyone wants to wipe the Homo sapiens out, or at least greatly reduce the number and quantity of the population. 

Sometimes, light forces pass information that makes a person stronger, helps him overcome a certain fear, or supports him somehow. Maybe certain information they pass on won’t help all of humanity, but it will help your kin, your family, or, for example, just you personally. When we receive such information, we usually call it a prophetic dream or help from the other world. 

The information given to you will allow you and the people to whom you passed it on to draw the right conclusions in the future. To understand that this is a disease and it’s aimed at achieving certain effects we’re observing right now, that this disease won’t be the last one, that such deceptions will be repeatedly conducted, that this isn’t related to human health, but to completely different motives, which are unfolding here in multiple senses and that the war is underway on multiple levels.

And you have to see that the deception is global now, so global that no one is even ashamed of it. 

There are certain forces who understand that this is unfair. They are not powerful enough to stand up for all of humanity or to immediately prevent this vileness. The only thing they can do is bring information here and cause people to distrust the powerful.

And through this distrust, people won’t let themselves be used as doormats, slaves, property, or sheep for slaughter. 

And now you have to remember that everything that is being done now is not done for you, and whatever you are told, the first question you must ask yourself is, “Is that really true?”

No matter what you are told, no matter what news you are told, no matter what event with an exclamation or a question mark you are told about. The first thing you have to ask yourself is, “Is that true?” And ask yourself that question until you get a clear yes or no.


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