Dreaming. Astral projection.

Dreaming. Astral projection.

This is the sixth module of the 2nd Course of the Main Department: Astral Body. Dreaming is not just an access to a wonderful world of dreams and fantasies but is also a way to plunge into the depths of one’s own subconsciousness. In dreams, people have the possibility to find answers to those questions that they are not able to solve while awake.

An ordinary person spends one third of his or her life asleep. A third of life! Not using this time to develop one’s own magical abilities is a blasphemy and unforgivable omission.

In addition, the astral plane is a common space of not only human emotions, but also of those worlds that have common astral vibrations with us. Therefore, the possibility of astral exits for traveling the worlds with the help of dreams is the best for novice travelers.

This seminar provides basic techniques for further independent practice. Many students usually team up for collaboration.

In this lesson students learn to:

– Use the space of dreams to send messages
– Create the prerequisites for future events
– Use complex tasks
– Expand creative and intellectual abilities
– Solve conflict situations
– Travel in the astral plane
– Immerse in the deep layers of the subconscious to get information from the kin and from the previous incarnations.

Duration: 3 hours. 

Admission: completed 2nd Main Course of the Main Department: Astral Body (4 days).

This seminar will be available in English soon! Stay tuned!

In order to participate in online group session or to purchase pre-recorded videos contact school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.school.  

After completing the 2nd Main Course (4 days) it is recommended to study the rest of the modules in the following sequence: