Diagnostics and Correction of the Astral Body Damages

Diagnostics and Correction of the Astral Body Damage (AB Cleansing)

The additional seminar of the 2nd course

Success in magic depends directly on the power of emotions that a mage brings to his work. And those mages who can quickly switch from one emotion to another, and instantly change the intensity of their emotions to suit the task at hand, achieve outstanding results.

For this, the Astral body (the source of emotions) must be very free and strong, there should be no blocking programs.

The Astral body cleansing is a unique technique that helps those who practice magical disciplines to eliminate problems of the subconscious. If they are not resolved in time, any attempt to change consciousness and develop magical thinking will be useless.

At this seminar you will:

  • Eliminate the causes of fears, failures and losses
  • Increase psychological stability
  • Learn to quickly navigate between emotions
  • Release the hidden resources of your subconscious
  • Develop intuition and appropriate response
  • Improve your intellectual capacity
  • Recognise your emotional powers and talents. This will help you choose the right path in magic

Duration: 3 hours
Admission: completion of the 4 basic lessons of the 2nd Main course

This seminar  is available for online group study and independent study

In order to apply for the seminar contact school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.school 

The textbook to the 2nd course (Astral body) of the Main Department

Pre-recorded video in English

After completing the 4 basic lessons of the 2nd Main course, it is recommended to study the additional seminars in the following order:

Diagnostics and Correction of the Astral Body Damage (AB Cleansing)

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