fear of money

Money 2. Fear of Money

This is the fifth module of the 2nd Course of the Main Department: Astral Body  and the second step to eliminate subconscious problems that do not allow to achieve the necessary level of prosperity. One who is afraid of money will never get it.
The result of cleansing the astral body from the program of “poverty” will be the ability to turn you in luck’s way and get your consciousness into the current of money.

At this step we work with the Astral Body cleansing technique:
  • Get rid of fears and subconscious inhibitions regarding money.
  • We detect the destructive program “ceiling amount” and remove it from our consciouness.
  • Identify and eliminate the causes that contribute to the outflow of energy.
  • We fix ourselves on the desired level of wealth.

Remember, there are no poor mages! A mage who is not able to provide himself with the appropriate way of life, can hardly be considered as mage.

Duration: 3 hours. 

Admission: completed 2nd Main Course of the Main Department: Astral Body (4 days)

This seminar will be available in English soon! Stay tuned!

In order to participate in online group session or to purchase pre-recorded videos contact school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.school.  

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