Specific Astral Body Cleansing. Various Topics

The additional seminar of the 2nd course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness”.


This seminar will help you to free your consciousness from limitations, fears, expectations, illusions and false ideals related to various topics such as love, health, family, power, etc.


Specific Astral Body Cleansing Topics:

  • Specific Astral Body Cleansing. Health
  • Specific Astral Body Cleansing. Money, fear of money
  • Specific Astral Body Cleansing. Family, love, marriage
  • Specific Astral Body Cleansing. Power, career
  • Specific Astral Body Cleansing. Risk, unexpectedness

Duration: 3 hours
Admission: completion of the 4 basic lessons of the 2nd Main course

This seminar  is available for online group study and independent study

In order to apply for the seminar contact school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.school 

The textbook to the 2nd course (Astral body) of the Main Department

Pre-recorded video in English 

After completing the 4 basic lessons of the 2nd Main course, it is recommended to study the additional seminars in the following order:

Diagnostics and Correction of the Astral Body Damage (AB Cleansing)

Specific Astral Body Cleansing, Various Topics

Emotional Hygiene. Emotional Meditation Technique

Money-2. Fear of Money

Dreaming. Astral Projection

Astral Interactions