Astral body

Astral Body. Main course

2nd Course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness”: Astral Body

In magic, the astral plane is the sphere of human emotion – it is an infinite source of energy, the space of realisation and connection with the various realms of different life forms. The ability to expand one’s astral body and transcend the boundaries of astral space is a necessary and mandatory skill for any practitioner. Topics such as managing emotions, working with the Astral body, lucid dreaming and astral cleansing are explored in depth in this course.


Dreaming. Astral projection.

Dreaming. Astral Projection

Dreaming allows us not only to enter a wonderful world of dreams and fantasies, but also to dive into the depths of our own unconscious. In dreams, people have the opportunity to find answers to questions they cannot answer while awake.


Astral Interactions

Astral interactions will help you to determine whether a person you are talking to is telling the truth or lying, whether his smile hides anger or hatred, whether the word “love” means love and not some other emotion.