Astral Interactions

This is the seventh module of the 2nd Course of the Main Department: Astral Body. It is a practical training to learn reading and broadcasting emotions.

Astral interactions show whether you can accurately determine whether a person is telling the truth or lying? Can you be absolutely sure that behind the smile of the person you are talking to there is no well-hidden anger and hatred? Can you know for sure that behind the word “I love” is love and not some other feeling?

Those who were naturally given such a gift, have always been considered people with heightened intuition. This ability helped these lucky people to avoid mistakes and unpleasant situations.
The ability to read feelings and emotions – a necessary quality for those who by the nature of their work in one way or another associated with people. For a magician it is his bread and butter.

In this practical session, students will develop the following abilities:

  • Be able to broadcast their emotions
  • Be able to lie through emotion and be able to identify a lie.
  • Be able to establish a subconsciously favorable contact with anyone.
  • To be able to convey emotion without words.

All this is not difficult and quite achievable, if you know simple rules and know how to use them. The work is conducted in training mode

Duration: 3-4 hours. 

Admission: completed 2nd Main Course of the Main Department: Astral Body (4 days)

This training is available in group study only.

After completing the 2nd Main Course (4 days) it is recommended to study the rest of the modules in the following sequence:

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Astral Interactions.