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About The Illusions Of Self-Importance.


The illusions of self-importance. The desire to transform the entire world according to your own vision of how it should be.

Why can’t there be a little bit of everything in this world? After all, I would like to see it this way. Why can’t my daughter be like I want her to be? Why?

Because you created neither the world nor your daughter, your task was to give birth to her. And you accomplished this task. Now relax.

Do you truly believe that you’ve had some kind of impact on your daughter’s upbringing? You should ask your daughter whose influence and presence in her life had the greatest impact, and you’d be extremely surprised when she names, for instance, Clint Eastwood or Mikhail Bulgakov. It can be hurtful for a parent to realize that their child isn’t an extension of them. 

If you continue changing the whole world for your own convenience, in your image, the world, as the Rune Kenaz has shown, may disagree with you because it has no desire to be the way you want it to be. And you want to see it as the mirror image of yourself, of your own importance, your understanding of your own actions, that you’ve done everything right and not in vain. It’s a normal human feeling. But on the flip side, you spend your energy on someone who may not need it, and the world doesn’t want to be your mirror. 

Therefore, you should either start changing yourself in order to see a different reflection, or leave the world alone and stop trying to change it entirely. At least, not the part that doesn’t concern you. 

What is yours in this world? You are in charge of your own reflection in the mirror. At this moment, you have sole authority over it and not over the living people; don’t mold them according to your standards. Your daughter is just a reflection of the situation; she is the mirror image of the outside world. Kenaz doesn’t want you to leave behind the footprint you intend to leave. Because it is not needed, this kind of footprint that you want to leave behind is not needed. Another one is needed, but not this one. This one is definitely not necessary because, apparently, it already existed. 

Because you are someone’s footprint, too.  You also were made in one’s image and likeness by your mom, dad, grandma, girlfriend. Someone made you in their image and likeness, and you are now someone else’s reflection and are trying to transfer it further to your own daughter. This made her outraged? Well, rightly. So just kiss your daughter because she did really great.


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