Masters Of Ideation - Are They Geniuses Or Egregorial Puppets

Masters Of ideation – Are They Geniuses Or Egregorial Puppets?

Authorities, great thinkers, masters of ideation, writers, historical figures – are they egregorial puppets?


“Is it true that all important people, the elite, great philosophers, masters of ideation, writers, historical figures, they are all just egreorial puppets?”


Ninety-nine percent of the time, yes. Actual geniuses are truly rare.

First, they are unforgettable. Second, they will make it on their own. Third, the remarkable mind of a genius is usually unable to manifest itself right away. If he doesn’t establish a direct interaction with an egregore, the latter will start squashing him. They say to him: be a genius on our terms!

And a genius mind often has no interest in that whatsoever. This is why geniuses, as a rule (it is not an algorithm but a sort of an effect of the system, of interaction between a genius and the system), become famous only after their death. And while they are alive, they are sick as dogs, suffering from all illnesses known and unknown to mankind. 

Let’s take Bulgakov, for example, as his biography is known, it is traceable. The authorities favored him, the authorities killed him, and he was tremendously ill. And his most important and most famous creation became such only after his death because it was precisely that creation that was most dangerous for the system that existed at the time. And if you put side by side the chronology of the publication of “Master and Margarita” and the development of the Soviet system, you will see that the highest rise of this work was precisely during the peak of that system’s decline – if it can be called this way “the peak of decline” – meaning, it coincided with the lowest point of the egregorial ideology. What they were afraid of was what they got. 

A genius who manifests himself somehow during his lifetime has come to a compromise with the egregorial system, and it has started to support him a little bit. Maybe not across the board, but just in some ways, enough to allow him to manifest himself during his lifetime. And then it is up to the system whether to make him a master of ideation or a pariah. 

Systems change. Same with Sakharov, for example, or Solzhenitsyn, one system was killing him without a reasonable cause, and the other one raised him up to the heavens. That is how the system uses them. In any case, when a master of ideation appears, he is 99 percent of the time an egregorial puppet. 

Look at his biography; look at who stood behind him. When, and on what grounds did they admire him, and what did they kill him for. This is always the work of the system.


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