What is the meaning of rituals and what are their benefits?

What is the meaning of rituals and what are their benefits?

“The one who is following  the path of seeking witchcraft knowledge, perhaps, should pay attention not so much to rituals, but to establishing contact with the Forces. How can this be done? How important is the ritual itself to those masters whose contact with the Forces is long-standing and solid? Rituals that are posted for example, on the site “Black Magic and Runes”, some of them seem empty, and some of them I read with pleasure”. 

You have mixed two problems in one question. Let’s start with how important the ritual is. Everything depends on the tradition in which you work. There are traditions in which the ritual is a mandatory requirement, without it you cannot establish a channel. There are those that are just a ritual game action, they are not mandatory. If a channel has been established and it has been working for a long time, it will work without a ritual. If the ritual is designed to include numerous  consciousnesses that cannot perceive these energies on their own, then an intermediary is required, in theory, there should be a priest.

A person who works on the channel for his own benefit, a professional sorcerer, or a priest of his god, or a practicing mage, or an occultist, probably does not set the goal of spreading the informational current to everyone, maybe he just needs to cover a certain point of space with it, it all depends on what type of Force he conducts.

As for the site “Black Magic and runes”. You must understand that such portals are not made because people have nothing to do. They are in the process of development , inspired by the Forces, and for many novice practitioners it is a testing ground for mastering their skills. And of course, you must understand that none of the practitioners “just because” will share their experience with every person they meet, and that the information must be taken out of there piece by piece, and that it was intentionally  made in such a way that for one working ritual there are 100 non-working or simply the empty ones, and some of them are even harmful. All this is for you to learn to identify, so that you understand that nothing is ever given for no reason especially on these particular types of resources, on free resources, they have their own goal. It’s a testing ground, a great testing environment that can train the seeker in no time. If it is runes, then the ability to read runes, the ability to compose bind runes, the ability to understand which bind rune is working, which bind rune is not working, the ability to understand which bind rune will be useful to you personally, and which won’t be.