Грядущие проблемы с водой перед Рагнарёком с точки зрения оккультизма, Свобода - это не то, что дают, а то, что берут, Источник питьевой воды

Coming Problems With Water From The Standpoint Of Occultism

At the session of Magic in questions and answers, the issue of air change and informational current was discussed in detail, using the coronavirus as an example. What does the reduction of water resources, which has recently become often “prophesied,” mean? And what should we prepare for in this case?”

In this case, it’s a consequence of the same thing. There will be less water available for consumption. If the air is polluted, after a while, the water will be polluted as well. In a physical sense and in a metaphysical sense – in every sense. The virus was found in the air, a bacterium or something else will be found in the water that would make the water unfit for consumption.

What to prepare for?  On the physical plane, make sure you have your own source of drinking water because it is crucial since a person cannot live without water. Urban conditions will not provide you with such an opportunity.

On the energy-informational plane, it may indicate that a massive flood of lies and disinformation may corrupt the future. Maybe the world must be completely poisoned to clear the air. Maybe all the cataclysms that are happening in the world are related to this.

We have to get ready for big problems. These problems won’t be widespread; they will be localized, but they will always be the flip side of the coin, reflecting how society behaved during the test period with the virus. How they behaved towards themselves, towards their own freedom, towards each other, towards the ability to filter information.

All of this was a test before the coming Ragnarok, where each one would have to take his own position and pass his own tests according to individual tasks. Therefore, do not take scary stories about water scarcity literally, but remember that it can affect a certain category of people on the physical plane. Realizing that you live among people and can just share their karma, protect yourself from the need to experience events that are not created for you. You don’t need it. Remember, if a person does not take care of himself, the gods will not take care of him, either.

Freedom is not what is given but what is taken. Take your freedom, and become fully independent. Take it as another test, not as the meaning or the final form of existence. It is just a test of whether you can live without the system. The gods say: “We are now removing the system of the state, the institutions on which you are so accustomed to rely. The professionals will survive. We made relatives fall out with each other to show how fragile the family ties are. We divided people by criterion of faith and unbelief and showed that even the top professionals who should be the best specialists, such as doctors and warriors, can be liars, bribe takers, and maybe even murderers, which also happens. We’ve shown you all this.

What conclusion do you draw from that? Can you truly be free? Can you be free without all this? What freedom means to you? Just take it.”

That’s the kind of future we’re talking about.

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