Questions from students on "The Power of the Bloodline"course

Questions from students on “The Power of the Bloodline”course

“During my work with the course “The Power of the Bloodline”, the following questions came up. If the family branches are divided between two countries, but the communication still exists, does this mean that there will only be one regina for both branches or will each country have its own regina? 200 years ago my ancestors moved to Russia, and during the War in the 90’s most of them went to Germany”.

If the blood and the surname are still the same, the regina will most likely be the same as well. If the surnames become separate and your surnames are different, then the reginas are likely to be different as well, because each surname tries to take the one of its own. Unless, of course, they are very ancient pagan bloodlines or royal bloodlines, it doesn’t matter there (patriarchy or matriarchy), there is one founder or foundress, accordingly, the regina is also just one for all the branches.

“I’ve been reaching out to the founder of the bloodline for almost a month now, he’s very old. He was pointed out to me instead of the ancestors known to me from two hundred years ago. He gives me specific information, not social one, his language is not known to me, everything is through signs and symbols. Are there any recommendations in regards to the contact?”

Continue working intuitively and try to capture the signs and symbols that he shows you. It is quite likely that you will recognize them. Somewhere maybe on rune stones, perhaps on some other artifacts you will find them. If you want to resonate through that symbol, you will find the resemblance and you will simply be drawn to those elements that carry the same symbols that your founder dictated. 

“During the process of immersion towards the founder, I was brought to a round flat stone in the Earth, the writing on it was not clearly distinguishable. At Mabon, this stone shifted and I sank even lower. The image on the stone started to resemble a cross. Do I understand correctly that this is a Christian silencer laid within the bloodline? Can such things cut off the ancestral Force, such as the magical Force, for instance?” 

That is most likely the case, you’ve got it right.

“Within my bloodline, I found myself in the dead space, now I do not communicate with relatives at all. Today I had a dream that I am holding in the palms of my hands a dental bridge with 4 teeth that have been removed, one tooth is rotten terribly, the 2nd is dead, two on the sides are healthy, but not human, they are huge fangs. At the same time in my dream I have all my teeth in place and they are new. Can I assume that the contact with the founder has been established despite the dead space?”

The dream worked out in a very cool way. The thing is, your bloodline, judging by the symptoms you described, has had some marriages that, let’s say, were not exactly blessed. Someone from your bloodline either married without blessing or married into cursed branches, which the founder certainly did not approve of. The children born into these marriages took on the seals of not being blessed, or maybe even spoils or curses from other kins. It used to happen  very often.

The fact that those rotten teeth fell out and the healthy working fangs remained is an indication that your founder eliminated those rotten branches from your mind, from your bloodline, and perhaps even from your DNA. And from now on, the fact that you are in the dead space of this bloodline can be counted as good fortune, because it is better to be there in the dead space, while being in the very core of your true bloodline.

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