Synchronicity in everything with another person

Synchronicity in everything with another person

Synchronicity with another person, quantum entanglement, everything happens at the same time. It is a rare occasion when you meet your quantum pair…

Synchronicity in everything with another person

“I noticed that myself and another person get similar marks on our bodies as a consequence of sudden trauma or from long-term vascular manifestations. What is manifested on my body on the right side, the other person has similar on his left side, and vice versa. Years of skin marks have been forming and sudden sprains, bumps, bruises, sometimes occur three days apart. I checked our birth dates, I was born when the Water element was asleep while my friend was born when Water was awake. Is the reason for this ‘mirror’ effect the opposite dominance of the elements at birth or is there some quantum coherence of a slightly different nature?”

Exactly quantum coherence. You are mirroring each other, so you will have everything happening at the same time. Now you can either take it into account of your life or you will try to have fun investigating it, as a scientist.  It is a rare case when you meet your quantum pair so closely, coinciding so much with you not only by one parameter, by one atom in the body, or by one thought that appeared at once, but by many parameters, including biology – which speaks of  certain predestinations .

Dreams,  formations, childhood event series, some key moments of life are linked for the two, that is, a lot of things can be compared between each other, to see how much your destinies are connected, because most likely you are connected with one god too. Whether you are connected as a mirror image of that god, or of the same god, but manifested in two different projections, that is, a god looked in two mirrors, not one – and you’ve appeared. .


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