Bodily sensations. The Main Department. Etheric body.

Bodily Sensations. The Main Department.

How to Awaken the Sensitivity of your Body?

After beginning to work by the methods of the first basic course, beginner students of the Menshikova School have questions about the bodily sensations  that arise during the exercises.

Bodily sensations. How to awaken sensations of your body. The Main Department. Etheric body.Why are there abnormalities in the sensations of the body?

The reasons may be different. The causes may lie in injuries, diseases, the habit of not paying attention to the needs of the body, the habit of emotional suppression. In our culture, paying much attention to bodily sensations is considered to be shameful and indecent. At times, upbringing  played a certain role, as well as inner convictions stating that the body is something dirty, unworthy of attention, something that lowers a person down to the level of an animal. The body picks up all these signals and prefers not to feel anything at all.   

Is there anything you can do about it?

Something can and should be done. First of all, it is necessary to bear in mind  that the physical body is an integral part of one’s consciousness. 

The physical body is tasked with supplying energy to the subtle bodies. If it does not provide a sufficient amount of energy of the right quality to the consciousness, then the consciousness will not be able to correctly and efficiently function. 
It is precisely the physical body that serves as the basis, as the platform that makes all levels of consciousness   exactly as they are.

Bodily sensations. The Main Department. Etheric body.How to acquire bodily sensitivity? Where to start?

Start from the very beginning, step by step. Listen to your body, regain its trust. As small children would learn to walk, often falling, but getting back on their feet over and over again; with each attempt becoming better at it.

The awakening of bodily sensitivity requires an integrated approach:

  1. Choose a set of physical exercises that is suitable to you in developing the flexibility of the body, joints and spine. Practice these exercises regularly for at least three to four months, or longer, if necessary.
  2. Regularly practice the exercises from the 1st Main Course and the Chakral Breathing seminar.

The achievement of results depends on a constant repetition of the exercises. 

Have no doubt that several months of systematic practice will give you such a multitude of sensations that you haven’t even dreamt of before.