Why should the consciousness be trained to work with goals? Achieve results. egregorial warfare. Stressful situations.

Why Should The Consciousness Be Trained To Work With Goals?

Why should the consciousness be trained to work with goals? Is it worth training my consciousness to have a certain degree of stability in stressful situations? A way to achieve results and egregorial warfare.

“As a rule, I reach my goals in ways that my mind couldn’t even imagine. Events often lead to achieving results when I rather let things go instead of programming ways of achieving. A miracle happens, and the result, the objective, as well as the date of fulfillment come together.”

That is great. It shows that your consciousness is able to catch the wave of good luck and flow in the path of least resistance. But I want to remind you, that we are now working with unachieved goals. Don’t let your subconsciousness throw up goals that have already been achieved. It is as if it’s saying, “Look, we’re all right; we don’t need to work, what for? Why? We will anyway, in any case, have everything fulfilled sooner or later, so just relax and enjoy yourself.”

This is certainly a method, but this method depends on too many external factors. Some egregorial warfare could take place tomorrow, the familiar worldview may get destroyed, the old values will cease existing, and events may no longer unfold the secure way you and your subconsciousness were used to. What would you do then? When your Mental body is not trained to set goals and achieve them, it’s not trained to understand the nature of the new values that are taking shape in the surrounding space and to decide which values you are ready to accept, and which ones are not. You will again find yourself absorbing these values in a directive manner. And breaking the whole of your psyche, breaking the whole structure of your consciousness, changing absolutely everything in your mind, and won’t be able to catch the wave of success any time soon.

As an example, just remember the event-based field of the 1990s, if you were an adult person at the time. How quickly did you adapt? How quickly did you manage to get back on your feet and use this wave of chaos for your career, business, enrichment, or anything else. Answer yourself this question, and you will understand the way you will behave in the coming cataclysm. And answer for yourself the following question too, “Is it worth training my consciousness for it to have a certain degree of stability in similar stressful situations?” And that’s exactly what we’re doing now.

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