How do you realise the transition has taken place2

How do you realise the transition has taken place?

How to realise that the transition to a new reality has taken place?  Space will change, people will change, rules of interaction will change, a new way of thinking will manifest itself….

How to realise that the transition to a new reality has taken place?

“You said that there will be a transition of each one individually to the new operating system. How do you realise that you are already in the new operating system?”

It’s impossible not to feel it. The space will change, the people you interact with will change and the most important rule of interaction is that any kind of violence will be excluded. In this new interaction, human life and human health will not be used as a system of payment for benefits or as a punishment for transgressions. No one and nothing could ever force you to be healthy or sick, no one and nothing will ever say that if you do not perform some medical manipulations, you will be deprived of some social benefits.

You will come in contact with other realities that respect personal freedom and it will be  according to a mutual contract. There will be an end to psychological and physical abuse, it will simply cease to exist.

At first it might look like some kind of loneliness and absence of the usual circle of existence, everything will stop somehow, a complete self-isolation and the information will flow into your reality only when you yourself want it. Following this will begin an interpenetration of those systems which, just as you did, have already transitioned, you will simply notice it. 

Your professionalism will shine with new colours and the society you interact with will somehow look differently at you and you at them. 

This is such a degree of mutual respect, that first speaks of what is allowed, which actually is naturally understood, and then it says where there is a limit to what is allowed, and this also happens without words, being just naturally understood. Like asking a person questions about this is allowed, but not about that. And these are not social norms being hammered into you. It will be natural, as if you have known this person all your life and you understand that it is better not to ask him about his family, because he has problems there, but you can talk about work, because it is a subject of interest for him. And the most important thing is that the other person will feel the same way. 

Next, a new communication system and a new interaction will form. You will be communicating with your own, and most likely it will be people who work with you in the same professional field, rather than those you are connected to by blood or via social norms.

Because professionalism is something that belongs to you alone.

It is your own personal, individual merit. And has more to do with your Self than your blood does, as horrible as that might sound. 

How to understand that the transition to a new reality has occurred?  The space will change, people will change, rules of interaction will change, a new way of thinking will manifest…. A new mindset.

Everything else will be shaped by other rules. Through a mutual agreement. And it will be impossible to make a person break this agreement just because you have different opinions about what the agreement should be. This is a whole new way of thinking, try to imagine it. This is only possible through mutual agreement and not compromise. Because compromise is but a system of mutual concessions and always functions at the expense of something very valuable.

Those who are now working on the creation of a new reality are the first birds in this matter. And of course they are meeting a wild resistance from the environment.

The Abrahamic system, being in agony, very much wants to take as many souls as possible, as many slaves, as a property to pull over to their channel, thinking to become stronger this way. This is their illusion. Because being burdened with slaves will not fulfil for them the function they are counting so much upon. They expect to use them as a payoff. But you and I will see, it will still happen during our lifetime, how much they are deluded. Because they will be judged not by the measure of the judgement of their circumcised god, but they will be judged by the ancients, by the measure of the mother, by the measure of the one goddess who gives birth to everything. And there are very different rules of judgement there.

The first of which is that the cubs must survive. And if they break this most important rule, no amount of social achievement will ever be a justification for this basic and most important maternal rule.

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