How does your body live? What processes take place within it? How is life force manifested in your body? What is vital rhythm?


Vitality. Awakening.

How does your body live?  What processes, invisible to the eye and the senses, take place within it?
How is life force manifested in the body?

 The body has its own life – every cell in  your body lives, breathes and moves.  This life can be expressed as a vibration.  And this is the precise difference between live and inanimate matter. 

The range of the vibrations of the physical body is truly enormous.  It is quite difficult to cover them all, and there is no need for this yet.  We will only touch on the three main ones.  These are the breathing, the heartbeat and the craniosacral rhythm.   These particular  indicators make the body alive. 

What is a vital rhythm?
Vibrational characteristics are an indicator of the energetic functioning of the physical body that is hidden from the ordinary observer. Running, for example, increases your heart rate and your breathing. It’s easy to notice, but what do these changes mean? An increased  energetic activity.

Through the increase in  the frequency of respiratory movements, the necessary amount of oxygen enters the body. And the blood, by virtue of rapid heart rate, delivers it to the muscles. At this moment, as with any other physical activity, the energy density of the Etheric body increases, with all the ensuing consequences. That is why reasonable physical activity has a good effect on intellectual ability. It also regulates the emotional state. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that people  who exercise live longer.

And what is the role of the craniosacral rhythm?

The heart and respiratory rhythms illustrate the quality of the body’s energy. Whereas this rhythm here illustrates the state of the nervous system and its consistency with factors such as, for example, the electromagnetic field of the planet.
The cranio-sacral rhythm is an alternating cycle of increase and reduction of the volume of the skull.  It turns out that our brain also breathes. To the same extent as respiratory and cardiac movements, these oscillatory motions are transmitted to the entire body. And disruptions of this rhythm lead to serious health issues. 

The vital vibration  is the sum of these three rhythms. It is absolutely individual and forms a type  of personal energetic mark.  It can be used to identify, recognize and even find any person. It is unique just like fingerprints and irises.

 But due to the fact that the urban environment of modern man is filled with sounds that are far from harmonious, but instead , technogenic vibrations are chasing  him everywhere, it all leads to disturbances of the natural rhythm, which in turn leads to destabilization of the whole organism. And this is a downhill path to health issues, and to a state where any mild exposure can cause malaise.

The ability to strengthen and revive the vital vibration is the key to good health. Therefore, you need to learn how to evoque it and hold it with your attention. In order to train in working with the vital rhythm, it is better to choose a place where you will not be distracted by any external noises and sounds. It is also worth excluding any musical accompaniment. It is great if you have the opportunity to retire in nature.

The result of this surprisingly simple, but сritical work will be relaxation, calming and cessation of the thought process and a sense of interaction with space. You will feel that the breathing movements are not limited to the chest, but resonate throughout the entire body.

The heart is the engine of your body. Everything in your life depends on its health. The heart is a powerful organ and it acts according to the “all or nothing” principle. So it either works or it doesn’t. The heart cannot work ‘just a little bit’ ” – it either pumps blood or it doesn’t. Highlighting the heart rhythm with attention affects the work of the heart. Connect the heartbeat with breathing and hold both of these processes simultaneously  with your attention. After a couple of minutes, you will notice that the heart rate begins to change, and to align with the breathing.

Сraniosacral rhythm
The cranio-sacral rhythm is the breathing of the spinal cord. It is possible to feel it vividly and clearly, singling out only this rhythm from the entire  complex of the body’s sensations. Hold your attention along the full  length of your spine for as long as you can. With practice, the arousal of this rhythm will become easier and easier. It will be enough just to turn your attention to the tailbone.

Vitality. Craniosacral rhythm.

If there were spinal cord injuries, tailbone bruises or osteochondrosis pathologies, which is quite common  nowadays, it might take  some time for sensations to appear. But perseverance and constant practice will surely have their effect.

An indescribable feeling of dissolution of  the boundaries of the physical body will be the reward for your efforts. When the vital vibration fills every cell in the body, it is as if they would integrate themselves into the process of life, and thus your energy rises exponentially! It is an incomparable feeling when the whole body sings and resonates in response to your attention – that’s what the feeling of life is.

Survival indicator – the strength of the vital rhythm.
Vital vibration should become the norm of everyday life. Nobody forgets to wash their face or brush their teeth. These habits have become an integral part of our “civilized” life. You clean your house and wash your clothes. And what do you do for the hygiene of your Inner World? What are you feeding your mind? What are you looking at and what are you talking about? How often can you connect with nature? The answer is clear to you.

To prevent the weakening of the mind and the destruction of the body from the noise and interference of man-made civilization, the hygiene of the inner world must become a habit, as natural as waking up in the morning.

The vital vibration can do another magical thing. It has the peculiarity of being transmitted outward, i.e. from you. When you intensify  your vital vibration in an unfamiliar place, you fill all of the space that your energetic field is able to reach with yourself,  and your biological mark. Your presence becomes tangible and the subconscious of other people instantly picks out  your vibration as the most significant. The perception of you as a person also changes, adding to your personal significance.

Try to experiment with this feature of the  vital vibration.  Prove to yourself that a primal drive still lives in  people’s consciousness that ‘might makes right’.

Power (energy) for each person who inhabits the world of the living  will always be significant. Power is the ability to survive in this harsh world. To survive under any circumstances, to protect and feed your offspring. Physical strength is not in the muscles. Physical strength is in survival. And the indicator of survival is the strength of the vital rhythm.

The method of vital rhythm excitation is always a mandatory primer for all practices in the Menshikovа School. A detailed acquaintance with this practice takes place in the 1st Main course of the studies.