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What is the psycho-type of a natural witch?

“What is the psycho-type of a natural witch? Can there be two psycho-types in a person at once?”

If we are talking about a natural witch, more than likely she will have a psycho-type of “Child” and will be incarnated through the Dionysus channel. But the probability will depend on the inner magic. Because what is a psycho-type? It’s a condition of the form of personality, let’s call it that. The “Child” psycho-type implies irresponsibility, which is systemically allowed and includes constant learning. The “Parent” psycho-type assumes responsibility and constant teaching. It is impossible for a person not to manifest his nature, his character in this way. We are talking about personality. But personality is not the soul, it is a suprastructure of the soul. But the soul can come here via two channels: Phoebus (the channel of light) or Dionysus (the channel of darkness).

But on the Dionysus channel people with either “Child” or “Parent” psycho-type can be born, just like on the Phoebus channel.

It makes it more convenient for the soul when its I Am comes through the Dionysus channel, for example, to realize the inner tasks of its dark channel with the “Child” psycho-type. As well as the opposite. 

But nature can create you the way  it suits her the most  and not according to your TT, but according to the environment you were born in. That is, nature follows the biocenosis, including the psychological biocenosis. If many people with “Parent” psycho-type are born in a single environment, it means that very soon people with “Child” psycho-type will be born in order to compensate. The fact that it is not quite convenient for a person who came through the Phoebus channel to be born with the “Child” psychotype does not bother Mother Earth at all. It depends more on the environment you are born in, the land and the space. Because your personality is needed for space, and not for you – that’s what Earth thinks. Society requires personality, and  you don’t.

We need the psycho-type for communication, for building horizontal connections. And the I Am, the channel through which you are born – these are vertical connections, it depends on your inner essence, on your inner technical task. 

witch psychotypePsycho-type is not important for magic, it’s just that it will be completely different magic. Light magic, dark magic – these are different kinds of magic, they exist on different vibrations. Effects in terms of magical specialization do not matter here, on the light channel you can either heal or kill, you can do the same on the dark channel, that is, the effects depend only on the person himself and his inner TT (technical task).

Psycho-type can be both a helper and a limiter (if you don’t know how to use it). You haven’t learnt it, you haven’t found a teacher, or maybe the environment itself gives you conditions that limit you. For example, we teach people with “Child” psycho-type who are surrounded by a large number of “Parents” who constrain them through the rules of behavior and do not allow them to manifest themselves to their full potential, but maybe it is precisely their inner need to learn to walk not on the paved road, but rather through the virgin lands – this is what their magic requires. 

Every case is exceptional, you just need to know yourself very well, to understand whether your environment helps or hinders you. If it helps, then in what, if it hinders, then in what? Is it really a hindrance, or tests, or studies, or help from the environment, or a provocation to do nothing?

Constantly review yourself in great detail. If something is working out, why is it working out? Is it my merit, what is it? If it doesn’t work out, why? It is an obstacle of the system, my inner laziness, where is the cause, where is the effect? Annoy yourself through constantly asking these questions, but get to the truth. 

“Can a witch have a TT to correct the relationship with a husband “Child”, if the witch is a “Parent” herself, or correcting the relationship is a bit shallow for a witch’s TT?”

It can hardly be a technical task for a witch, because witches do not serve, and you have described a pure algorithm of service. For a witch who is self-aware, any environment is always a tool. Because in the first place always comes ‘me and my own magic’, whether you are “Child”, “Parent”, Dionysus, Phoebus, doesn’t matter. For a witch, everything else is like an addition, it’s software that is blocked or revealed by the main program. But in no way does the inner witch’s essence serve other people’s interests, much less the interests of mere humans.