What should a warrior do if he gets insulted? Sacred question of revenge in pagan culture. Do harm and get away from revenge. Dignity, honor and a warrior spirit. Compensation for an insult. A witchy way - avenge and forget. Pagan culture. Warrior mindset.

What Should A Warrior Do If He Got Insulted.


What should a warrior do if he gets insulted? The sacred question of revenge in pagan culture.

“What should be done in a situation if you are a warrior and you are not going to forgive the damage once caused to you, even though it happened a long time ago? But you haven’t let it go, thus, reserved the right to respond to your discretion and your choice. How can one prove to himself and to reality that the offender will be held accountable for his actions? How to execute one’s right to punish the offender if contact with him has ceased a long time ago? Can methods of occult influence such as damages, curses, diversions of currents, and similar be used in this case?”

The matter of revenge is probably the cornerstone of our entire culture. In pagan culture, for sure, the question of revenge was a sacred one. Nobody had the right to do harm and get away from revenge, if we are, of course, talking about someone with dignity, honor, and a warrior spirit.

The Christian tradition recommends that we do the opposite. Forgiving the offenders and not taking matters to personal vengeance, so that the offender could not be affected by retributive life circumstances or by your actions. In Christianity, it is believed that only God has the right to punish or forgive. God punishes and forgives according to his own laws and by his own algorithms, good and evil, holiness or sinfulness. Whereas if a man picks up a weapon and begins to punish his offender, he does not operate according to Christian cults but rather by remembering his own pagan nature. Because in paganism vengeance is considered to be good.

The colleague has formulated his question correctly. I feel like a warrior, which means I don’t feel like a slave who gives a master the right to punish and forgive my offender. In this case, a pagan warrior would adhere to the principle that revenge must take place. But what is the right way to organize your revenge? A witchy way, the way of a sorcerer will, of course, imply an influence in the form of damage. What is the peculiarity of such influence? Well, the point is that the person striking back, taking his revenge in terms of compensating for his own insult, must be ready that he will not witness the result. If, for instance, there’s no contact, like the colleague described. That is, here one needs to have a certain mindset. Avenge and forget, avenge, and do not control this process.

But a state of inner satisfaction must be present, there must be some type of relief. You can observe it by your own life achievements. If you’ve been wronged and you forgave or didn’t retaliate, and you realize that everything in your life has started to slowly but steadily get worse. This means that the damage was done in such a way as to lower your rights compared to your initial status. But if revenge took place, if revenge was taken following the law, according to the algorithms of your god,  then your existential volume and your resilience will begin to level out. 

The insult must truly have caused some damage. Damage to honor, damage to dignity, damage to one’s financial or social standing. What is damage? It is something that lowers your status and brings you to a lower caste level. Insults and deception are considered to be of a similar nature. Although everything will be much more effective if you strengthen your defense before you strike. After all, for some reason, the damage has reached its addressee, which means that your protection was fragile. At some point you opened yourself up, maybe you placed too much trust or gave a reason to be treated so unwittingly.

If you raise the bar of your current level to the point you consider appropriate, be so kind and take care of your weapons and protection, of strengthening your own position.

You can only hurt someone who is capable of being offended. You can offend someone who understands what world he lives in and has no illusions about people around him. Any loss, any defeat is the reason for a change. If all goes well, as a rule, there is no need to strive for perfection, engage in your own growth and expansion. The latter is necessary for more active defense. Because the bigger you become, the more space there must be for your physical, emotional, and mental environment for your mind to exist. This is one of the properties of the high existential volume since it is characterized not by the volume itself, but rather by the effect it creates during its manifestation in this world. 


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