Why does a magician need society

Why does a magician need society?

What does a magician need society for? How to fit society into yourself and your family and to keep magical consciousness, magical vector? Provocations with the world around us….

“What are the prospects of the social model from the point of view of magic? Or walking in circles, and dancing on a rake in itself is a tool of development?  The mage has to distance himself and his Bloodline from society, and there is a reason for that. He is engaged in the development of himself, his children and Bloodline. How to correctly fit the society into yourself and your family without any losses, and at the same time to keep the magical consciousness or a magical vector?”.

How to combine everything and not to lose oneself?

First of all, you must answer to yourself: “What do I need from society and what does society need from me?”

Set these very clear milestones and reference points and try to never violate them. Do not demand from society more than it can give or what you need from it according to the contract and, of course, do not let anyone in more than necessary.

There is a group of your own, such as children and family. That is your area of responsibility, everything else is not.

There will be provocations from the world around you, it will say, “Take me into responsibility. Am I unworthy?” And it starts to provoke you. Or on the contrary, it says, “Let me be responsible  for your children, it will untie your hands and you will be more free .” ‘Betray your contract’, the society tells you.

These will be your provocations. And you have to hold on. Hold on to your own contract, hold on to yourself, do not let society into yourself more than it needs and do not give society what is yours more than it needs. In this way you will preserve yourself and the vector of your development.

Of course, you can go to the forest, to the desert, to a hermitage, anywhere, but it will not yield results. If you need an aggressive environment, plus with such an energy-informational composition, on the threshold of Ragnarok, then it is necessary. It is considered as if, according to your Technical task, that it is in this environment that you will obtain your right. Such is your struggle.


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