7 базовый курс. Боги и силы. Изучение мифов, технология погружения сознания в различные пантеоны и религии, путешествие по иным мирам

Foundation Level 7: Deities and Powers Course

All streams of power studied by our students in the Foundation Level 6 course are presented in full in various divine pantheons and world religions of this planet.

Here on Gaia there are so many of them because this planet is a kind of testing ground in which each religion works out its own algorithm for separating the one and joining it to the whole (see the stream of creation).

The principle of natural selection works among the pantheons, it is also manifested in the projected world of people. The winner is the one who lasted the longest in this process of Light-Darkness interaction.

But each pantheon, each religion, having developed its own algorithm, does not leave this space, but continues to work, honing its own achievements. Even dead religions store an inexhaustible body of knowledge, which the magician needs the most (not to be confused with the stream of knowledge, which is the principle of separation).

The deep study of myths and legends, the technology of immersing one’s consciousness in various pantheons and religions, traveling to other worlds where these pantheons are represented more vividly than in today’s world of people, give magicians the opportunity to gain knowledge, in accordance with their power – the power of Light or the power of Darkness.

In all religions there are both, and magicians, knowing how to correctly search for their power, get the opportunity to gather the maximum of information from the world that help them build mastery in their traditions.

The course is very long, since there are a lot of pantheons, old and new, and there is both strength and knowledge everywhere.

The Foundation Level 7: The Basics 3-Day seminar starts the course. The rest of the modules on skills in different pantheons are given with an interval of 1 month.

This course echoes the General Theory of Magic course. But the GTM course gives theory only, while this course is about practice – for this the theory should already be mastered.