Black Dogs In Dreams. Hecate’s Messengers (Video)

Black Dogs In Dreams. Hecate’s Messengers

A black dog, especially in a dream, is a symbol of contact with a very ancient chthonic deity whose name in our tradition is known as Hecate. A black dog is always a guard, a watchdog between worlds. Meaning that black dogs are symbols of sentinels, which don’t let the mind cross from one world into another. Especially in dreams this happens very fast, unsanctioned. So dogs are these guards, and they can be found in all cultures, in all traditions. There is always a hound watching over these sorts of processes. Black dogs are fellow travelers of the goddess Hecate. She is the one who opens up realms, she is the goddess of crossroads. Thus, she can either let a person cross into another world or close off the passage.