Menshikova School Coursework. Basic minimum (Video)

The first and the second courses are the basic minimum for any consciousness. Unless this consciousness is under religious pressure. In this case it has nothing to seek even in the first course. During the second course a release of astral energy takes place and the person can direct it towards those goals that lay on the surface of their consciousness. And these goals will be achieved with greater success than before. If the goal is to improve health, then health will improve. As an individual transitions to the second course, we recommend and insist upon that all seminars of the first course are completed. Because the second course is also energy consuming. And if the etheric body is unprepared and not filled with a sufficient amount of energy then it will be difficult to cleanse the astral body. If you decide to go further, the rule remains the same. All of the energy from the previous course has to be gathered and directed into the following one, otherwise it will not be enough, and this means that the effect will not be satisfactory.