Provocations After Runic Initiation (Video)

Provocations After Runic Initiation

– I’m studying in the first course of the Runes Department. After completing the last lesson on the runes course, various unpleasant events started happening in my life, generally by the way of the governmental control system. The events are wrapping like a rope around my neck and soon will suffocate me. How to get out of this situation with minimum losses, or rather with a victory? I implemented the method of finding 9 variations of the event development, I wrote them down, but can’t tell if they are working or not yet. This is difficult for me, I perceive it as some sort of a blowback or provocation, or as debts to the system. I read the forum, and my colleagues also write about unpleasant events in their lives that came to the surface. To be honest, I had a thought that I am not worthy of the runes and that I don’t understand what I am doing. Would you please comment on that.

– I will comment. Most likely, the described phenomenon, and it’s not just you, but it also pertains to all other colleagues, is connected to a simple effect, these are provocations, of course.