Runes Of The Third Aett Of The Elder Futhark. Excerpt From The Rune Course (Video)

The whole third aett will be directed towards receiving the results. On the one hand, in order to implement the forces of the first aett incorporated into every person. And on the other hand, to manifest them only through the algorithm of your own victory and not in any other way. For a warrior, any impairment of the algorithm of his victory is definitely considered to be a betrayal, betrayal of his own self. I won’t get tired of reminding you that here, of course, we talk about the warrior folk, and any other understanding of runic application as well as the position of your own self in this world should not be present in your consciousness. Only by remembering who you are, you may achieve the right outcome. Because it is very important to achieve a result by doing it the right way, without betraying yourself or the forces that stand behind you. Victory by any means is a wrong victory, a wrong one. It is a pyrrhic victory, as the author of such an idiom once said, “if I achieve such a victory again, I shall return without any soldier”. Well, one more victory like that and I won’t be alive, you can say about yourself when you achieve victory by a completely erroneous way.