The Path ‘Laborer – Merchant – Warrior’. Unlocking Your Magical Potential (Video)

The Path ‘Laborer – Merchant – Warrior’. Unlocking Your Magical Potential

So, look, Hagalaz recommended that you bring your Mental body in order, sort out your books. And Nautiz clearly showed you that if you do everything correctly and if your own chaos that you let inside yourself would be correctly perceived by you, then it can move you to fix your primary issue. Meaning that your primary issue is to pass through the merchant caste, for starters. Because one is able to enter the warrior caste only after passing the merchant caste in its entirety. And that means collecting all the algorithms of the merchant class. All of them.

Whereas you don’t have all of them, which is why the issue of money became so abruptly pronounced. You are unable to instantly draw a monetary resource for something that you need, yes you have a problem with that.

Additionally, there is a problem with your daughter’s health. Which points to the fact that there is something that has not been collected from the laborer caste – the ability of being in charge of one’s own health and physical body is the minimum that should have been drawn from the laborer caste, yes that too. Which means that you have certain arrears, in your previous steps, which you need to eliminate. Not flying off into higher elevations, not to concern yourself with the discoveries of your inner self for now. As we have mentioned before, who needs it? You are spending all this time on your development, but what result does this world get from it? What changed for the better in this world? Maybe something changed? Maybe you gained some new rights?

For now, nothing was gained aside from self-satisfaction, or self-torture. This is a process for the sake of process, but not for the sake of result.