How did the ancient gods suddenly become demons? Thouthankd years of demonization of gods. Pagan consciousness. Ancient gods. Gods are universe-scale minds.

How Did The Ancient Gods Suddenly Become Demons?


The demonization of the gods. How did the ancient gods suddenly become demons?

The gods, their minds, and the established cults represent multifaceted pools of information…

“What are the effects of two thousand years of demonization of some gods on their manifestation, essence, and their vibrational characteristics? For example, many years of consecutive celebration of the New Year turn it into a ritual in some way, and this date acquires an energy potential as well as a sacred sense. In other words, multiple repetitions of the rituals and themes create some sort of channel and give it a certain quality. By analogy, a prolonged demonization of the gods attributes a certain quality by ultimately incorporating them into the Christian egregore as anti-force. This could also change their vibrational range. Baal is a vivid example of it. He is now being viewed as a demon by a broad part of consciousness instead of a deity of the higher hierarchy. What were the impacts of such demonization on the gods themselves since, in fact, a lot of movies portray them as such? Meaning that there still is a certain channel existing and nonetheless supporting them. How did this affect the possibility of contact between people and this god?” 

The gods, their minds, and the established cults represent multifaceted pools of information. They are extremely multi-layered and multi-level and are very difficult for mental comprehension. The gods were not affected by their demonization by the Abrahamic systems. It cannot affect them because there must be some type of relationship and interdependence between the Abrahamic cults, for instance, the cult of Baal you already mentioned. Take the Slavic, Scandinavian, or Celtic gods. Demonizing them was more difficult because, well, it wouldn’t stick; it didn’t last. But when it comes to the Canaan and Semitic deities, they did undergo a significant demonization. 

Did this affect those gods? No, it didn’t. They remained the same universe-scale minds as they used to be. But it highly affected the people who perceive them this way. It affected the minds of people who captured this demonized component. And this demonized component has severed the frequencies, cutting off the frequencies of perception. And now, the mind of the person is not able to perceive the entirety but rather only a narrow range of frequencies that are low vibrational in nature. They left the high vibrational frequencies for the god Yahweh, who himself is just as large of a sentient as the other gods, who have the same dark and light sides and numerous vibrational constituents. However, the Abrahamic systems have shifted this vibrational range towards a higher perception whereas the lower perception was left to the ancient gods. At the same time, they themselves have not changed; only their perception has changed. 

A pagan consciousness knows that right is good and left is bad; light is good, and darkness is bad. We also used to have such ridiculous dualism. This, in particular, was also used against us. Therefore, when such a force, a pagan force that was demonized in Christianity and in Abrahamism, comes in contact and is perceived by a human mind, the human mind will perceive it exclusively in that already pre-scripted frequency range permitted by the Abrahamic system that demonized these gods. Thus, if we live within the Judaic matrix, we will see Baal but only in this narrow range of perception. Through this Judaic matrix, we will perceive Baal as the one who eats babies, the horrible god with horns on top of his head and a blazing fire inside and completely merciless. Although legends and myths tell us that Baal simply means “lord” or “master.”

The demonization via media, fiction, and cinema, and prior to that, there were grimoires and many other medieval treatises describing the demon. At the same time, a huge number of practitioners with a consciousness that is free from the Judaic matrix, who interact with the same forces, somehow describe them in a completely different way. That’s why it all depends on the channel of perception of the actual human mind. 

Those seeking themselves in magic and searching for their gods in the ancient pagan pantheons, first of all, need to remove the Judaic matrix from their consciousness.

Try to start with the myths. They reveal more than the human pictures drawn by Hollywood. Although, sometimes even Hollywood manages to show things not through a Judaic angle. The matrix does that for one simple reason: it needs to illuminate and whitewash those it needs to whitewash, and this means that someone else needs to be blackened; there is no other way. Without blackening or whitewashing anyone, then things begin to present themselves as they are,  possessing the entirety of the informational capabilities, both light and dark, good and evil, tradition and anti-tradition, etc.

The images portrayed are true; they show only one side of the truth. The consciousness of a mage is different because it is able to see all these facets simultaneously. A priest sees only the facet he must see according to his agreement with God, but he sees it thoroughly. And everyone else sees and believes only what is shown to them.

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