How to interact with gods from different pantheons

How to interact with gods from different pantheons?

“Is it possible to interact with the gods from different pantheons, for example, Scandinavian and Slavic Gods? Or maybe they are the carriers of the same energies, whose essence is the same, but the names are different?”

You can interact with different pantheons, especially the pagan pantheons, all of them are very close. It is possible to do even with the ones that are not so close, but with the same god, whose image is manifested, meaning that he is performing the same function in different pantheons under different names – everything is possible.

When you start to interact with gods, they are the one to tell you where else to search for their image, what other projection you need to get yourself familiar with, and everything happens absolutely naturally and in such a harmonious worldview  that there are no further questions. Especially when you know the myths.

If you know the myths of certain traditions, the information is perceived naturally and is revealed in a slightly different volume, you understand right away what god, in what pantheon, how did he manifest himself. You see his line, you see why he had to appear under different names, but in different pantheons, under the same image.

Or on the contrary, different images or different names, or the same name.

It’s just that we keep studying and from a certain point in time we realize that studying stops being the one of a human, it’s as if the Forces themselves are leading us. Look here, read here, look there, remember this, and now put it all together. Does it make sense? And it happens naturally. Therefore, keep studying and interacting. If you get it wrong, your gods will correct you.

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