Usually neither scholars nor admirers of Norse myth define or describe Kvasir as a god, labeling him only as a character in the myth – “the wise man Kvasir”. However, his Force is a complete and full-fledged program, capable (in potential) of independent world-creation.

The origin of the god Kvasir is entirely mythical and magical; he was not born, but created. The material for creation were the parts of life activity of gods-Aesir and gods-Vanir, combined magically. This is exactly what makes it possible to determine his initially divine origin, albeit in a somewhat unconventional way.

In the myth, the god Kvasir, the wise man Kvasir, is firmly connected with the magical ability to poetry, although he was not a poet himself. It was his blood that was poetically creative. But first things first. Let’s turn to the Younger Edda, part 2, “The mead of poetry”:

The creation of the Suttungr’s Mead.

And again said Aegir: “Whence did this art, which ye call poesy, derive its beginnings?

Bragi answered: “These were the beginnings thereof. The gods had a dispute with the folk which are called Vanir, and they appointed a peace-meeting between them and established peace in this way: they each went to a vat and spat their spittle therein. Then at parting the gods took that peace-token and would not let it perish, but shaped thereof a man. This man is called Kvasir, and he is so wise that none could question him concerning anything but he knew the solution.

He went up and down the earth to give instruction to men; and when he came upon invitation to the abode of certain dwarves, Fjalar and Galarr, they called him into privy converse with them, and killed him, letting his blood run into two vats and a kettle. The kettle is named Odrerir, and the vats Son and Bodn; they blended honey honey with the blood, and the outcome was that mead by the virtue of which he who drinks becomes a skald or scholar. The dwarves reported to the Aesir that Kvasir had choked on his own shrewdness, since there was none so wise there as to be able to question his wisdom”.

As the war was over, the Aesir and Vanir not only exchanged hostages, but also performed a magical ritual to confirm the existing henceforth kinship ties. The symbolic appearance of Kvasir is like the birth of a child, which combines the genes of the parents in equal proportions. Magically conceived god was not born as a baby, did not go through the standard stages of growth in the mother’s womb, natural birth, adulthood, learning; Kvasir was born as he is, and remained so. He combined in himself all the wisdom of the gods – all the concentrated experience that had been in him from the very beginning and which did not change until his death.

It is not that consciousness which in the course of life gains experience, discovers and develops its talent, nurtures it, polishes it to perfection and manifests it in the process of labor. Kvasir is the prototype of genius, the image of “born with a gift” and manifested the gift as it was originally conceived. What happened to the god Kvasir is an algorithm of what happens to almost all geniuses, if they dispose of their genius in the same way as Kvasir did with his nature.

The god Kvasir was wise from the beginning. He took within himself all the genetic memory of the Aesir and all the genetic memory of the Vanir; these two memories-the unconscious, natural, wild memory and the conscious, rational, logical memory were combined in him entirely and non-contradictorily. Just as the two legs of Ymir, which, when joined together, began to give rise to thurses and giants, so the two natures in Kvasir, when joined together, began to give rise to wisdom in words. Kvasir went traveling through the worlds, and in each world he “taught” – gave his wisdom. Until he came to Svartalvheim. This is where his journey ended….