The Colonization Of America In Connection To The Current Events

The Colonization Of America In Connection To The Current Events

Colonization of America. Contact with ancient forces. Magical balance – entering a state of justice, a state of equilibrium.

“The colonization of America practically devastated the native tribes. Was its goal to eliminate the Native American magic? What is the reason behind the historical events on the American continent from a magic viewpoint? Is it dangerous for people born in a different cultural tradition to take part in their native rituals?” 

If you establish contact with ancient forces, then everything will be okay. The colonization of America represented the clearing of a territory. The territory is occupied not by people; gods occupy it, and people are the conduits of their force.

When the original colonizers entered American soil, they used outrageous methods to purge the territory. At that time, it was the people who were killed instead of the gods. And then the gods were killed by the generation that followed. It consisted of local priests and, of course, extremely obscene protestant communities, which were created for this very reason, in order to carry out horrible deeds while hiding them behind the feeling of their own righteousness. 

Quakers, who appeared on the territory of North America, did exactly that. Then, these sects spread themselves all over in large quantities. Their main goal was not so much to eliminate the natives and take away their land, but rather to abolish the right of their gods to that territory. And they succeeded. Just like christianity once did arriving to our lands, destroying our shrine, so did protestantism, another branch of Christianity, destroyed other territories. They needed space.

Sure, on the Foggy Albion, there wasn’t too much room for them, they needed to be fruitful and to multiply, as their not-so-fruitful and not-so-multipliable god bequeathed them to. That is why they drenched the whole continent in blood, destroyed the informational channels, clearing the territory for their own use. 

Just remember, nothing is forever. Once upon a time, the Etruscan cult, for instance, when forming their own culture (they weren’t a civilization; they didn’t have enough time to form one), but they did create a strong culture. They followed special rituals that helped them get rid of certain problems but at the expense of the time allotted to them. In magical history, it is the shortest time period ever alloted to the formation of a particular culture.

What pertains to American history, they were also given a certain time frame, but only as much as they could take away from the natives. And it’s not that this time is nearing its end, it is the entire scope of Christianity in general that is approaching its ending. They will answer in full for all their cruelty; don’t doubt that for a minute. 

Everything will be just, that is what the whole world is built upon. All projects will come to an end; the old gods will return. And everyone will have to deal with their oppressors on their own. The innocent won’t be affected; the guilty won’t escape justice. 

We can’t really say that we are entering an era of justice because, let’s take the US, for instance, it demonstrates what a distorted understanding of justice it has. It won’t be this way; everything will be different. The Mother’s justice is different, completely different. You will see it all; you will understand it all. The only thing I would like to ask you, is not to have any sympathy for the victims, nor commiseration. Let everyone take what is theirs and let everyone be responsible for that.

Do not invest your life and your existential volume into the atonement for someone else’s sins, those games are not yours. Your games are your children and everyone you care about at this very moment and up to a certain point, and everything else is not. 

All these are slogans, in a form that would make you give away your time on a voluntary basis, so that you voluntarily denounce your achievements. Don’t do that, just observe these processes, it doesn’t matter how weird they may seem to you, just remember that this is justice, this is retribution.

Magic says:

“A pendulum swings in both directions, and those who took advantage of the murderer’s benefits must carry the same responsibility even if they didn’t perform the deed themselves, but they did take advantage of it.”

If you are aware of the reasons why it is all happening, you guarantee yourself that you will not fall under retribution, since someone who is aware is half way out already. Because being aware doesn’t simply mean saying, “yes, yes, I agree, don’t touch me please.” To be aware means to see clearly. To become aware means to unite within yourself, in your own consciousness, all the root causes and effects. Not to take the blame off of yourself but to simply understand, yes I used the system’s benefits. And build your own life in such a way to no longer do that. 

From the viewpoint of the magical balance, that’s the way to enter the state of equilibrium, to enter the state of justice. It’s enough to refuse it all in your mind in order to be able to start implementing your right to be a free man in the outside world. The free is the one who relies only on himself, who doesn’t borrow from the system for comfort and convenience, without understanding what a price there will be to pay for all of that. Try to elaborate on it within your consciousness and make yourself honest and pure. It’s clear that we can’t redeem the whole world. But it is not required. 

If you are building your personal reality, make sure to do it without any debts including those you acquired by using the system’s benefits. The system that is currently receiving retribution from the viewpoint of the  Motherly right, and through the justice of Erinyes, those who always know who is innocent and who is guilty.


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