Magic Of Elements: The Element of Water

“If the magic of Water is chaos, then what is the magic of Air, Fire and Earth? Water has been capricious for the past week, constant problems with water appliances, they are leaking, not working, clogged. Does this mean there is too much Water in my system or is it the other way round: Water is trying to get to me but it can’t?”

What you’ve described is a water blockage, meaning that Water can’t get through. 

Water is a symbol of chaos, of new information that has not yet existed in this world. Water cannot get through where there is no place for it, if everything is very densely packed in the system or in one’s own internal system, if all the blocks and informational connections are predetermined, have tags, and everything is in order, then new information cannot pass through the already formed system, but the pressure is extremely high, and it starts to gradually destroy these formed connections within the consciousness. It tears off tags, breaks partitions, tears wires through which this energy flows, and then it seems that chaos has reached the consciousness.

The outside world is a mirror of what is going on inside of you, with all the people you are connected to by certain cognitive connections. If a problem is happening in your community, it is bound to be reflected in the surrounding reality. And what is happening with appliances, plumbing is just a reflection of what is happening in your consciousness. They are not the cause of what you have, but you are the cause of what is in the external world.

The 3 circles schemeLet’s look at our classic diagram of the three circles and the 12 Proto-foundations (PF). On the outer circle we see the names of the Elements. They are transformed through informational systems called Proto-foundations. The closer to the Element, the more the PF reflects its essence. So the Element of Water is connected with the Element of Chaos, secondly with the Element of Freedom, and lastly with the Element of Death. But all three reflect the functions of Water – dissolution, absorption, becoming everything in a single form. The same is true of the Element of Fire. It manifests itself first of all through the PF of Light, then through the PF of Good and then the PF of Love. The main goal of Light is to spread, to transmit information. In the second place it does this through the PF of Good, already refined, stating which information is suitable in this world, so that the process does not stop and the PF of Love will spread itself through the power of attraction.

The same is true of the PF of Dark. It is a derivative of the Earth Element. Everything is accumulated and stored within it. Through the PF of Evil something is also accumulated, but it is something special, which says: “This must be preserved. It is unusable in this world, in the present epoch, in the present time”. It is not productive. The PF of Hate says what one should do so that this or that would never happen again, that is, what one should push away from oneself, not allowing into one’s own life.

The same applies to the Air Element, which refracts itself through the PF of Order, organizing the information, setting vectors of development in a certain direction. Then Tradition refines the Order itself, gives direction and speed to the winds and, as a consequence, gives birth to life, creates rhythm, coordinates these rules with the natural rhythms of life, and practically becomes the root cause of the fact that we see life as it is.

The Magic of Elements is about working with the root cause. The magic of the PF is about working with the effects of that root cause. Naturally, the Magic of Elements is always the most difficult because it is very hard for the human mind to get rid of preference. To work with the elements in their purest form, there should be no preferences.

 PF mages can have a preference, which they do, but mages of Elements cannot. All specializations of magic are directly related to what Force the mage is working with. If it is a mage who works with PF of Life – he is a healer, if a mage works with PF of Evil- he is the one who works with the algorithms of evil. Not to cause evil, but to identify it and isolate it from any other information, to understand why this or that algorithm of achieving a result is not preferable in this particular time, in this particular era, in this particular community, for this particular person. The PF of Evil is where fundamental science operates, and scientists are the priests. Those who are engaged in dissemination (PF of Good), if only the members of those professions haven’t degraded themselves, we would say that they are writers and journalists. Their job is to disseminate information without restraint and do it reliably.

The Magic of Elements  is considered the top level. Once it was perfectly mastered on Celtic, on Slavic lands, on the territory of Eurasia, that is on our continent. Those who possessed the Magic of Elements were called sorcerers and druids. We, to the best of our ability, are restoring this tradition and trying to make our consciousness worthy of this magic.

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