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The Problem Of One’s Own Low Vibrations

What is your nature? What emotions do you feed off -negative or positive? The problem of one’s own low vibrations.

“How to overcome my own low vibrations and use them for my benefit?”

This question contains five more. I refer you to the lecture on Adequate Energy Exchange. as well as to the book “The Key To Knowing Yourself,” where these questions are covered very extensively and in detail. 

There are different people; we all are different. There are those whose consciousness, and the Astral body in particular, feeds off of high vibrations, that is, positive emotions. And there are those whose consciousness feeds off of negative emotions. Moreover, there are people who not only feed off of positive emotions but also produce and send them out into the outside world. There are the opposite kinds of people, those who produce negative emotions and send them out to the world around them. That’s neither good nor bad, but that is how it is. These are merely features of the consciousness. Everything should be balanced in this world.

And to correctly answer the question, “How to use low vibrations for your own benefit and how to overcome them?”, first of all, you have to ask yourself, “Why do I need to overcome them?” Do they harm you? Do they bother you? Does somebody make you feel ashamed of them or tell you that you are wrong in this regard? If so, then assume the mentality that whoever told you this – he spoke of himself, not you. He says that you make him feel bad because you produce low vibrations. But does it make you feel bad? Ask yourself this question.  

If that’s your nature and that’s how nature made you, then it must have been for some reason. And if you understand that not the system but nature makes you see only the negative in everything, and you can’t look at the world around you any other way because if it’s all positive, there’s nothing for you to do here, then you are like this. And if someone feels uncomfortable around you, well, maybe you don’t have to feel guilty about that. You’re just not connecting with that person energetically. In fact, that’s the whole thing. Change the style of your relationship or even the fact of partnership. You need to embrace this quality in yourself. You will be able to use them for your benefit only when you understand what you can do with these vibrations. It’s not them that are killing you, but the people around you who don’t allow you to use these vibrations and see the possibilities of using them.  

In the book “The Key To Knowing Yourself,” describes ways to use negative emotions. Yes, it is very difficult to deal with such people. But in the same surrounding world, there are those who do not consume any other emotions than negative ones and cannot produce them themselves, desperately looking for people who will give them these emotions. You just need to connect with such a person, and you will fit together much like a lock and key.

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