Visions Of A Portal

Visions Of A Portal

Portal opening, visions, mystical stories. Every year, during the solstices and equinoxes, the boundaries between the worlds open…

Portal Opening

“On the third night of Yule, I woke up and saw a train passing right next to my bed, just where my decorated evergreen branch was standing. I could clearly see the lights in the windows, I could hear the noise of the wheels, and I was awake. I got scared that the train would run over me, and I began repeating the words from meditation to enter the base state “I am,” and the strange phenomenon stopped. What could it be? Some kind of portal?”


Yes, that’s exactly what it was. I’m sure each of you has read, heard, or perhaps even experienced these kinds of mystical stories. 

Every year, during the solstices and equinoxes, during the eight pagan festivities, the boundaries between the worlds open a little, and the barrier becomes very thin. Our worlds are different; they have their own things going on, and we have ours. But still, from time to time, points of contact between worlds may occur, and sometimes it happens spontaneously.

I think all of you know these stories about ghost trains on the railways or in subways. These urban legends exist in almost every city in almost every land. There are also phenomena when suddenly, through some sound sensations, you realize that there is another path nearby. Such a portal can be strengthened; it can be closed, just like you did, or it can be observed. Sometimes, they appear on demand when you say certain words and perform certain actions. But you were lucky enough to see and experience this mystical event that you will hardly ever forget.


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