God Mimir. The primordial, the immortal personification of memorization and accumulation of information that stays in the spring of Urd. Memory, secret knowledge, accumulation of information from all the Nine Worlds. Jotun nature. The fountain of Urd. the Vanir and the Aesir.

God Mimir

The god Mimir appears in Norse mythology around the time of the first Aesir-Vanir war as one of the hostages exchanged between the warring parties as a sign of truce. Mimir was one of the gods who went to Vanaheimr in exchange for the gods Njord, Freyr, and Freya, who in turn went to Asgard. He is the primordial and the immortal memory of all the Nine Worlds.

The Problem Of One’s Own Low Vibrations. High vibrations. Your nature. What emotions do you feed off. negative or positive? Negative emotions, Positive emotions. Adequate energy exchange with the world. The key to knowing yourself. Type of energy exchange.

The Problem Of One’s Own Low Vibrations

“How to use low vibrations for your own benefit and how to overcome them?”
Why do you need to overcome them? Do they harm you, or somebody just makes you feel ashamed for them? If that’s how nature made you, then it must have been for some reason. You will be able to use them for your benefit when …


Why should the consciousness be trained to work with goals? Achieve results. egregorial warfare. Stressful situations.

Why Should The Consciousness Be Trained To Work With Goals?

“Events often lead to achieving results when I rather let things go instead of programming ways of achieving. A miracle happens, and the result, the objective, as well as the date of fulfillment come together.”
This is certainly a method, but this method depends on too many external factors.


Debaptism. Exit from the Christian egregore. Rite of debaptism. Religious systems. In control of your life. Metaverse.


Christianity, just like all other egregorial formations, is turning into a simple ideology; essentially, it is becoming a type of role-play. It wants to remain as a full-fledged ruling mechanism. But it won’t be. Although, it will try to remain as such in the minds of its adepts. Thus, if you are interested in debaptism, do approach this subject responsibly.


About debaptism. Classic way to perform the debaptism in a Russian banya, at the crossroads, or in the cemetery. Egregors in agony. Most optimao debaptizing method. Honest warrior. Pay your dues. Settle your debt..

About Debaptism.

“Since the change of aeon is taking place now, the current basic religions find themselves in a tough spot where they’re being held accountable, perhaps these are the circumstances which will allow you to go through the process of debaptising. Which debaptising method would be the most optimal?”


How to properly bring offerings to spirits. Domovoy. Brownie. Evil spirits. Dark spirits. Dark forces. The dead. In-between forces. Field and forest spirits. Spirits of the dead. Bring strong alcohol, raw flech and bloody offerings. Bread, wine ad sweers.

How To Bring Offerings To Spirits.

How to properly bring offerings to spirits? Spirits are different; they live in different realms and represent different forces here. It depends on what forces you contact. You can learn it with an intuitive feeling of what is necessary at a given moment. If you are going to contact the dark forces…


What should a warrior do if he gets insulted? Sacred question of revenge in pagan culture. Do harm and get away from revenge. Dignity, honor and a warrior spirit. Compensation for an insult. A witchy way - avenge and forget. Pagan culture. Warrior mindset.

What Should A Warrior Do If He Got Insulted.

“What should be done in a situation if you are a warrior and you are not going to forgive the damage once caused to you, even though it happened a long time ago? But you haven’t let it go, thus, reserved the right to respond to your discretion and your choice. How can one prove to himself and to reality that the offender will be held accountable for his actions?”

About Black Book Magic. Cathedral witchcraft. Found my god. Leave Christianity. Debaptism ritual. Ritual at the graveyard. Ritual at the crossroads. The Sephiroth Tree, Achieve stability. Experience. Get rid of fear.

About Black Book Magic

“A few years ago I found my own god who helped me leave Christianity. There was a test in the form of a baptistery, in which I immersed myself thrice like a zombie. And after that, all my powers disappeared, everything that used to provide me with strength and creativity…”