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Elemental Realm: EARTH + WATER

Земля Вода. Стихийное пространство Земля Вода. Пространство стихий. Стихийная магия. Сила стихии. Стихии обучение. Обучение магии стихий. 


This space is born from the vibrations of the Earth element, and here they are dominant. The connection is made with the element of Water, of which there is very little in this pair. Exploring the possibilities of this realm should, as usual, begin with the search for analogs in nature: are there real natural phenomena that precisely reflect the condition of “much earth, little water”?

Moistened earth. Earth after rain. Fertilized earth. Arable land, fertile soil. That which is ready to bear. Earth yielding fruit. Earth that breathes.

What is done in this state is done at the moment of experiencing the future, but without the slightest consideration of what has happened in the past. Consciousness expects to get the result in the future, but for it this future has already come, as it were: the mind shifts along the timeline to where what should be is already happening.

The space formed by people of this combination cannot exist for a long time at the expense of the same people. Just as it is impossible for a woman to remain pregnant beyond a certain period determined by nature, the Earth cannot sustain Water for long—there are limits to the possibilities for both the body and the Earth.

In the human world, this state can be described as a state of being in love, a state of readiness for the future. All lovers are a little crazy precisely because of the presence of such elemental effect: their physical bodies are in the “here and now,” while their minds are in the future. The minds of lovers merge with each other, become one whole, experiencing a state of identity—for a certain period of time, but never permanently.

Immersion into the Earth-Water realm is the only moment when a man can feel himself as a woman, experience feelings of a different nature as his own.

The union of two consciousnesses on the moist ground of falling in love can be called pregnancy with each other. This state cannot be controlled by any egregorial system. Any religion ultimately acknowledges its powerlessness before this feeling, no matter how hard it tries to destroy the natural force.

At the macro level of natural phenomena, we can see the effect of the fusion of the Earth and Water elements  in the space of the forest.

The unique community of equals, mutually dependent on each other, where interpenetration and symbiosis are the basis of life and existence. However, the forest is a space closed to human understanding, where the condition for human survival is the absolute acceptance of the rules of the game and the life of another world – a natural biocenosis, the equivalence of all beings in their right to live and exist in the forest kingdom. This condition can only be fulfilled in a state known to humans as “love,” “infatuation” – total acceptance of everything; to take everything and give everything, to become part of the common biocenosis on par with everything else.

If we were to seek human spaces that form such states, we would obviously encounter difficulty – in the familiar society, such communities cannot be found. It can be said that this space is one of complete dissolution in nature, where the human mind, the animal mind, and the mind of plants exist outside hierarchy in relation to each other. Somewhere in the Amazon forests, where civilization has not reached, such communities still exist, living permanently. But in the spaces under the aegis of the Northwestern tradition, such stable formations cannot be found. They appear like mushrooms after rain – suddenly, always for a short time, merging with each other, bypassing all the rules of social morality, and just as quickly separating, amazed at themselves and what has happened.

This state cannot be called carelessness, because carelessness is, to some extent, openness to the whole world. Here, on the contrary, there is a feeling of the opposite: there is no world, there is only me and my experience of unity.

There is only me and my child. There is only me and my love. There is only me and my forest. There is only me and my world.

This is another form of illusion, characteristic of the Earth realm, whose mind believes that only its presence is real. Those in this state think the same way: only my experiences matter; no one else has felt the same in this situation as I have; only I feel this way about my child; no one has loved like I have — and so on.

Hyperselectivity and a refusal to rely on old experiences are indicators of being in this elemental realm — such is the legacy of the dominant Earth, this is how its essence manifests in the human mind.

During your research of the  EARTH+WATER elemental realm try to answer the following questions:

  • What is possible in this elemental realm, and what is impossible in general?
  • What mechanisms do the inhabitants of this elemental realm use to access the resources available to them in this world?
  • What are they entitled to, and what are they not?
  • What results can you personally achieve in this space if you use the same mechanisms that the “local residents” show you?
  • What effects in this elemental realm are inaccessible to you under any circumstances?
  • What happens to your mind in this world?
  • Is there a high probability of getting stuck there for a long time? What needs to be done to exit this space at any time?
  • Is there a high probability that the space will recognize you as a stranger? What needs to be done to prevent this? What needs to be done to stay in this space for as long as necessary for your task?
  • What tools does your consciousness need for quick switching between spaces?

Materials for studying the EARTH+WATER Elemental Realm:

Textbook:” The Power of the Elements”

Theory: p. 196

Practice: p. 577