Rune Dagaz

Rune Dagaz

Rune Dagaz

Dagaz completes the runic row, making its symbolic meaning clearer — breakthrough. This rune signifies completion, initiation, and, in a way, enlightenment. Dagaz ends the transformation of consciousness and changes the existing state of affairs in accordance with the transformation of the inner world that has been accomplished through all the preceding runes.

The breakthrough expected from this rune will manifest in real-life results, awareness, and change of direction. It may turn you 180 degrees or make you sharply change course. Dagaz sees the road independently and will not care if you are ready or not. If you have reached, crawled, or dragged yourself to this final rune, it means you are ready.

Dagaz is a narrow point in the flow of life, which compresses energy, accelerates the sequence of events, and speeds up the development of situations. It acts like an explosion. If something has held you back on the path of development and formation, Dagaz will abruptly pull you out of the situation, simply tearing it apart.

The Rune of Completion, Transformation, and the Beginning of a New Period

The cardinal transformation of personality, the fundamental change of life, and the destruction of all stagnant phenomena are the strengths of the rune Dagaz. It is impossible to be half a mage. One cannot be a person “slightly.” The rune will preserve all that has been achieved but will arrange the results of the previous runes — Inguz and Othala — completely differently.

Inner calm, the unwillingness to compare yourself and someone else to a familiar standard, a review of aspirations and desires — these are the results of the inner transformation of consciousness. A breakthrough is when you cross the threshold of the fear of change, leaving behind everything that bound you with strong ties to the old, tiresome reality. Even if you take with you not two suitcases of dubious achievements but a light chest of true values, it will only be beneficial. The lightness of the load allows you to reach your destination faster. Ahead is a new world, new achievements, a new reality of your embodied dream.

The inner strength, which becomes the dominant quality of life, reveals previously hidden reserves and suppressed abilities. This includes the power of a magical nature: clairvoyance, intuition, etc. What was always under prohibition and condemned by the familiar cultural and religious environment is now no longer constrained by fears and prohibitions. It is no coincidence that the rune Dagaz is always used in formulas for “revealing abilities.” It can give a powerful impetus to changing your attitude towards yourself.

Transformation Can Happen in Different Ways

This can be an instant transition — a quantum leap from one level of consciousness to another, from one reality to another. It can also be gradual, gentle, practically unnoticeable like time, but inevitable like day and night. The rune will choose the pace and method itself; it is only important to trust it.

The moment of completion of the transformational processes will not pass unnoticed for you. Just one fine morning, you will understand what true life is. A life where power and time are not spent on endlessly erecting barriers between yourself and the world. There is no need for vigilant defense — your protection is always present next to you like a bodyguard. The world becomes enormous, three-dimensional, filled with colors and adventures. Life is interesting, and every minute promises surprise, joy, and delight.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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