Rune Inguz

Rune Inguz

Rune Inguz

The symbolic definition of the rune is Fertility. This rune teaches us to see the result in everything that has been done so far. Even if the inception of a new beginning, a new idea, or a completed action happened quite a while ago, you will still eventually, in one way or another, receive a result.

Are you ready to reap the fruits of your past labors today? Or will you, looking with disdain or surprise, ignore the result of your inner work, considering it unnecessary and untimely?

Inguz will teach you never to do this to yourself. For if you deny today what was desired yesterday, you thereby devalue the efforts made both before yourself and the World. You tarnish the purity of your dreams and destroy the fruits of your labor with your own hands. Never, never do this!

Inguz can also show you the opposite result.

If you have never sown anything in your garden of success, it is probably foolish to expect sprouts and fruits there. Instead, there will be thickets of weeds. Nature abhors a vacuum. And if you haven’t sown the land with your seeds, then nature, the World, and other people will do it for you. Results will appear in your life and space that do not belong to you. The fruits will be gathered by those who sowed the seeds, using your land, meaning your life, your fate, your ancestral allotment.

Inguz — The Art of Small Steps

If you can see these results and understand the cause-and-effect relationship, then the rune Inguz will grant you a great blessing — your consciousness will make a quantum leap, moving to another level of world perception. It’s like an exam, transitioning to the next stage of your development and possibilities. A correct assessment of cause-and-effect relationships, the results of efforts, and the work done shifts the Assemblage Point sharply upwards in levels of consciousness. This miraculous event simultaneously changes the quality of life. By changing your worldview, you will be able to form events in a completely new way, seeing what you didn’t see and understand before.

But for this to happen, you definitely need to realize the previous results and the causes that gave rise to them. You must see not only the presence but also the absence of results and understand the reasons for this. Return to the very beginning of your labors and correctly assess the qualities you have revealed in yourself, how you have learned to change yourself by mastering new facets of your personality and soul, and what real earthly results you have achieved up to today.

In every space of human life, there are its own rules and laws. 

In the family — one, in business — another, in friendship — a third, and in self-determination and personal growth — a fourth. And they should never be substituted, otherwise, the result may exceed all expectations. But it is unlikely you will like it.

The entire path traveled with the Futhark and the rune Inguz, which is currently activated, help make the right conclusions and gain constructive experience — the kind that you can rely on in the future to form the events you need.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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