Rune Othala

Rune Othala

Rune Othala

The rune Othala is traditionally defined as a noble person, clover. 

Clover has long been revered by the people of the North as a symbol of vital energy. Special significance was given to the four-leaf clover. The four leaves symbolized the unity of the four cardinal directions, infinity, the swastika as a solar symbol of cyclicality, continuity, and eternity. The four-leaf clover was considered a sign of the chosen ones, the initiated. It was an attribute of Celtic priests – druids, as well as healers, seers, and sorcerers. The clover leaf was a miniature scheme of the universe created by nature.

A noble person in the social structure of our ancestors was primarily one who possessed land and property. According to the rules of that time, ancestral land could not be sold or alienated in any other way; it could not leave the family and was passed down by inheritance.

The Rune of Heritage

Combining these two symbols, we can derive a more understandable interpretation of the rune Othala: heritage. Heritage is what your ancestors left you. This is not just about property and material well-being — that is secondary. 

Primarily, it is what is most valuable for the Bloodline and the Kin.

The heritage you leave for those living after you must be left behind so you don’t have to carry this burden from life to life. What is completed and achieved in real earthly life must be passed on as the foundation of future reality to the next generations. However, heritage is not formed only at the moment of transition.

If the heritage is immaterial, if it is not about real estate that children inherit from their parents after their death, it can be traced that true heritage — knowledge — is transmitted throughout life, every minute of the upbringing and growth of children. The information you pass on to them, the heritage formed in you by the time you start passing it on, will determine how your children’s lives will unfold.

The Rune Othala – the Most Important Outcome

The rune of heritage is the rune of the global completion of what was begun, the most important outcome for which a person lives. The rune Othala, as a rune of heritage, naturally activates the family and ancestral egregore. Family values and issues of generational continuity come to the fore. And the more you think about it, the clearer the understanding of what has been done by you to date and what true value it represents for the Bloodline.

Each person comes into this world with certain starting positions. One is born in a certain era, in a specific country, under particular social conditions, and, of course, in a specific family. All these constants are not a coincidence but a natural pattern — it is in these conditions and from these positions that you will have to build your life, and each of your achievements is worth exactly as much as you put into it.

Remember: all your achievements, as well as the achievements of your ancestors, will never disappear if they are not denied. The values and priorities a person sets in their life will be present in the structure of the Kin and may be useful not only to your children and grandchildren but to someone from future generations.

After all, your descendants are not only those you know personally but also those who will still come after you.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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