Rune Teiwaz

Rune Tiwaz (Teiwaz)


Its symbolic meaning — Tyr, god of order. Truth and success. Sacrifice.

Tiwaz is the rune of the Warrior, the one who fights for their own justice, not someone else’s, for the right to have their own truth in life, rather than conforming to someone else’s due to a lack of their own.

Tiwaz instills courage and determination, strengthening the Spirit. This is why ancient warriors (both Vikings and Rus) inscribed this rune on their weapons and shields, seeking the support of the god of justice in their struggle for their truth.

The rune provides direction, helping you follow your chosen path with the dignity inherent to a true Warrior of Spirit. Whether you use this knowledge — success through struggle — or not, will be your decision. The main thing is that you will have it.

This power is not for protection, but for accomplishments.

Tiwaz is called the rune of kings — only they can judge, and judge fairly, because they know the Truth. You already possess the power and wisdom for this, and by integrating this rune within yourself, you will gain the ability to manage your own power.

Tiwaz is strength and willpower that will remain with you as long as you are true to your sole purpose, for which you now receive this Gift.

Knowing the rune Tiwaz allows you to learn to incorporate defense through action. Not a passive defense that limits your own space, but action that allows you to expand that space.

If the belief in your truth is strong, if there is no fear of other people, if you are ready to defend your own in any case, then passive defense no longer makes sense. On the contrary, the need to expand the space of your opportunities will finally manifest itself and give you the inner strength to move forward, achieving your goals — without fear, without hesitation.

Tiwaz — rune of honor

In the Northern Tradition, the vows made once had a great influence on a person’s life. Much could be forgiven, but perjury — never. Myths and sagas tell about this, the theme of honor runs like a red thread through all the Eddas.

The god of this rune, Tyr, is the god of truth. For a long time in the pantheon of northern gods, he was the head, and the principles he embodied — honor, truth, loyalty to the oath — were fundamental in the lives of people of that era.

Everyone has the right to live as they wish. And so do you. Take with you only those who are ready and willing to change their lives, and those you are ready to support and protect. Be where you feel good and with those you care about. If you need to cross to the “other side” for this — go boldly.

Do not be afraid to change your life if your inner truth requires it. You will never be defeated if you follow your path and feel that you are doing everything right.

A person makes themselves either miserable or strong. The effort required is the same in both cases, but the results are different.

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