“Intricacies of Fate or What dimension do you live in?”

An official textbook for the 1st Course of the Main Department


“Intricacies of Fate or What Dimension Do You Live In?” is not just the textbook for the 1st course of the Main Department of the Menshikova School. It is a profound guide to understanding the mysteries of life and our place within it. It offers a holistic approach to self-discovery and empowerment, touching on topics such as fate, consciousness transformation, and the workings of the universe.

Its emphasis on correctly assessing circumstances and events that have shaped our lives suggests a deep introspective journey, aimed at uncovering hidden truths and gaining clarity about our own existence. Its goal to understand and eliminate the causes of illness and misfortune focuses on the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. The idea of understanding how our thoughts materialize in the world underscores the power of consciousness and intention in shaping our reality.

This book will help you to:

  • Unravel the complexities of fate and understand the circumstances that shape your life’s journey.
  • Gain insights into the causes of illness and misfortune, and learn practical strategies for healing and success.
  • Navigate through life’s challenges and find your unique place in the world, guided by the wisdom within these pages.

“Intricacies of Fate or What dimension do you live in?” is more than just a guide; it’s a trusted companion—a counselor, a healer, a friend, and a teacher. It delves into the depths of human existence, helping you distinguish societal pressures from your true desires.

This book is a life-changing journey.


This book is a counsellor. Because in every sentence you will find information about yourself, your life, and the answers to your questions. 

This book is a travel companion. While traveling, one can tell one’s entire life story to a stranger without feeling embarresed or affraid. It is the same with this book, in that you can share with it your most troublesome worries and your deepest secrets without the fear of judgement or of being misunderstood. And just like a travel companion, this book, too, will tell you about itself, its life, and its own secrets. 

This book is a healer. It will tell you about the causes of illness and misfortune and offer practical advice. It will tell you how other people dealt with similar chalanges and how they managed to succeed. 

This book is a friend. Because it demands nothing from you. A friend doesn’t  need you to make yourself seem better than you are, to fan your tail feathers. With a friend , you can allow yourself to be weak and lost. he or she will never judge you for it, but will always support you, even if you are in the wrong. 

This book is a teacher. It will tell you about yourself, about your life in this world, as well as about how the world works. It will help you find and take  your own unique place in this world. The place that is yours alone. 

This book is about a human life. Is your life simple? Does it go smoothly or do you run into a thousand obstacles in your way? Do things usually work out at the first  try or do you have to overcome significant resistance even when dealing with small tasks?
Are you happy? Are you lucky? Why do you choose to see your life from this angle? What is your conclusion based on?

This book will help you distinguish the needs that are imposed by the social environment from those that are your very own, dictated by the will of your soul. It will teach you to recognize the “substituted notions” and “substituted values” which  (looking ahead) are the main reasons why you are living someone else’s life and destiny and fulfilling someone else’s desires. 


Onward, reader! 

If your heart is free from fear, if the desire to change is great within you , if you know that your future depends on you alone – you have made the right choice by reading this book. You will be able to change your reality, become the helmsman on the ship of life, fill every minute of that life with enterprise. and joy. All of that and much more will become available to you.  It is simple. It is interesting. It is exciting. What could be more interesting than discovering one’s self, changing onself and the entire world in the process?

 Author: Ksenia Menshikova    

: “Intricacies of Fate or What dimension do you live in?”

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